Proud Father: Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s Son Graduates with Flying Colours

Sam Adeyemi

Popular man of God and senior pastor at Daystar Christian Centre Pastor Sam Adeyemi and his wife Nike are over the moon right now as one of their children David completed his studies at the prestigious Emory University in faraway Atlanta, Georgia.

The Adeyemis were in high spirits during this year’s degree-awarding ceremony of the acclaimed institution. Attired in brown suit and yellow skirt with white, black-belted shirt respectively, Sam and Nike were grinning from ear to ear like two happy Cheshire cats as they clapped, congratulated and posed with their son on bringing honour to the family through his academic exploits.

Their joy knew no bounds as the young tyke David Toluwani Adeyemi, one of the three happy issues of their 26 years of fruitful matrimony, was conferred with the school’s Bachelor of Arts degree at the One Hundred and Seventy-fourth Commencement of the grand old school which took place on May 13. Emory University is ranked within the top 80 in the world by reputable ranking bodies.

In a related development, the dazzling and charismatic pastor has gone to town to rubbish insinuations that he is now the proud owner of a private jet. Rumours have been rife in recent times claiming Pastor Adeyemi exerted undue pressure on the church committee and strong-armed them into coughing up the billions of Naira for a luxury private aircraft.

The popular preacher is known for being one of the few men of God that have come out to say the common practice of paying tithes isn’t obligatory. And now he has strongly come out to rubbish accusations that he secretly acquired a private jet for quick getaways whenever he has an appointment or ministration anywhere in the world.

Those expecting Pastor Sam to join the league of jet-owning pastors should forget it, at least for now, as those close to him insist nothing like such is in the offing at the moment.