US VISA: Another Window Shutting Against Nigerians

Buhari and Abike Dabiri

Last Tuesday, The American Consular service

in Nigeria reviewed the “Drop Box” process of visa renewal by suspending it indefinitely. That means that all applicants for U.S visa would make physical appearance at the counter. The implication is that more and more people are likely going to be denied entry into the United States of America. I understand some five African countries, Nigeriainclusive, are the worst culprits in overstaying their visa terms. This new strategy is thus a punishment, in a way. It is also meant to tame the growing inclination to flew the country. Canada is almost all filled now with Nigerians—young and old. Nigerians are just too eager to “check out” even if it is to Ghana. Yes, even Ghana!

That desperation to flee also explains the surge to South Africa despite the bitter and sustained xenophobic attacks on Nigerians over there. Nigerians are just yet keen on going, to just anywhere. I think this should worry Mr President including the Diaspora matron, now the DG of Diaspora Commission, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Arewa.

Make the Nigerian space less haughty and hurtingand Nigerians will sit back at home.