We are intensifying advocacy to curb illegal migration, human trafficking – Edo govt


The Edo State Task Force Against Human Trafficking (ETAHT) has said the government is deploying resources for advocacy and sensitisation campaigns to stem the incidence of illegal migration and human trafficking in the state.

Speaking during a meeting with a delegation from the Switzerland Federal Commission on Migration, representative of the Chairperson, ETAHT, Mrs. Lilian Garuba, noted that the Task force has been involved in several activities geared towards total eradication of the scourge of human trafficking and irregular migration in the state.

Garuba, who is also the Assistant Secretary of the Task force, said the state government identified advocacy as a strong tool to curb the incidence of human and illegal migration, as the Taskforce is carrying out series of advocacy programmes to sensitise people on the dangers of irregular migration.

Noting that the awareness campaign is mainly carried out in markets, schools, streets, among others, she said the ETAHT has received a total number of 4,744 returnees from Libya in 54 batches from the last quarter of 2017 till date, as well as ten (10) female returnees from Russia.

Garuba noted that the state government provided medical assistance to all the returnees, noting that 10% of the returnees with serious medical challenges were admitted.

She said the 4,744 returnees from Libya came through the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) support programme.

The Migration Adviser, Embassy of Switzerland, Jolanda Pfister Herren expressed appreciation on the approach deployed by the state government in tackling human trafficking.

Herren said her delegation is in the state to evaluate the state government’s commitment to addressing illegal migration and human trafficking and other issues relating to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), who are victims of human trafficking. She said the Switzerland Government is ready to collaborate with the Edo State Government and its Taskforce.