Voice Out When Bullied, Says  Discussants in Minas Dollz Show

Bullying has undoubtedly been an issue of worry for both the young and old in school, work and public sectors. Minas Dollz Show takes it hard this week, as they brought in Grace Oggudah, Lifestyle Coach and Mentor alongside Deborah Olusoga, a Health Coach, Author and Speaker to shed light on the topic. 

Christina Bartlet and her cohost took the show on a quick starter as the guests introduced themselves and went ahead into talking about bullying and how it can be curbed. 

Grace said, “Parents should be in touch with their children and allocate time for them, as we are their primary meet. As a parent, you need to step in there as soon as possible and let the teachers know what’s happening. And bullies know who to target and then they go all way out. In the work place, you need to be proactive and it needs to be approached from a compassionate angle as the bully too has issues.”

Deborah lend her voice as well “The first step to take when bullied is voicing out, as you need to let the bully know you are being bullied. And as a child, you need to let your parents know because bullying in school and work place is totally different.”

Both speakers expressly gave their thoughts about the topic and further heralded Voicing Out as the key to tackling the problem because not talking can lead to a growth in continuous bullying and that an uncontrolled bully could continue without caution. 

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