Bosch Partners iCreate Festival 2019


Bosch Nigeria are partners of the iCreate Festival 2019, which aims to bring awareness to various vocational training essential for building talent and skills in Africa. The festival brings awareness to various skill sets such as hairdressing, plumbing to name a few. Bosch Nigeria focused on the construction segment of the iCreate Festival initiatives where Bosch Power Tools were the preferred power tools used by the participants.

Additionally, Bosch supported with technical expertise and training focusing on safety. Bosch Nigeria intends to participate in all three events taking place across the nation, starting with the Regional Technical and Vocational Skills Competitions in Kaduna (Northern Region) which held from April 26 – 27, 2019 and followed by regional completion in Enugu (South East) from July 19 – 20 2019.

The Finals will take place in Lagos (South West) on December 4 – 5 2019. All three events will also feature exhibitions, entertainment and panel discussions around TVET and youth empowerment. The Skill Competition element of the skill event engages young talented Africans aged between 18 and 28 to hone their skills and to compete with the very best in carious vocation such as carpentry, tiling, plumbing, automobile mechanics, solar, electrical installations, welding and fabrication, garment making industry, make-up art, shoe and leatherworks, art, app development, graphic design, web design, robotics and cooking.

The essence of the Skill Competition is an innovative strategy to curb the high youth unemployment, promote skill excellence and prepare youths for jobs of the future. By directing attention on vocational skills, iCreate Africa is addressing the societal perspective affecting the acceptance of technical skill trades while upgrading the value of skilled professions.