Firm Launches Visa Programme


Ugo Aliogo

Atlantic American Partners (AAP) has launched the EB-5 Immigrant Investor programme in Nigeria.

The move was part of efforts to help potential investors in Nigeria to secure a hassle-free immigration process to live, work, and attend School in the United States America.

The programme enables an investor to get a reasonable return on their initial investment.

Speaking at the EB- 5 private business meeting organised by Atlantic American Partners (AAP) in Lagos, the Managing Director, Emerging Markets Africa, Daniel Ryan, said the EB-5 visa creates opportunity for foreign investors to invest in the United States and become legal permanent residents in America with a green card.

He also noted that the programme comes with several other benefits, including the ability for the investor to travel to his homeland from the US without a visa, ability to sponsor family members for a green card after becoming a citizen.

Ryan, added that the benefits also includes access to low or no cost- high-quality primary and secondary public education; and thereafter public or private Colleges and Universities for participants and their children (21 years old and under, unmarried) at the same cost as US citizens.

“Down the road, if the applicant desires, they can apply for US Citizenship and sponsor other family members to move to and live in America. It is important to note that ‘dual citizenship’ between USA and Nigeria is available, which is another tangible benefit to invest in this programme,” he noted.

He further stated that the EB-5 visa was introduced in 1990 by the United States Congress and has since enabled a large number of families to live the American dream by granting them permanent residency through investments made in ‘trophy’ new commercial real estate investments.

 Ryan remarked that the trophy new commercial real estate investments include luxury hotels, luxury rental apartments/flats, and most recently; high-quality student rental housing at American Universities.

According to him, “The EB-5 programme requires each EB-5 investor to invest $500, 000 in the United States with projects that Atlantic American Partners oversees as ‘trustee’ that will yield at least 10 permanent jobs, per applicant, for United States citizens.”