Shocker! Nasarawa Governor-elect Audu Sule Takes a New Wife


Spare a thought for the first wife of incoming governor of Nasarawa State, Audu Sule, Hajia Silifa Sule. These days, she feels like a used toothpaste squeezed of most of its content and then discarded for the shiny new mouthwash in town. Despite the huge role she played in her husband’s emergence as the successor to the senate-bound Tanko Al Makurai, Hajia Silifa has been left by the wayside as a new wife openly waltzed into her matrimonial home.

Hajia Silifa’s crime? She is not modern. While Audu Sule was trying to reach the people of the state with his campaign message, his wife served as a willing loudspeaker that helped to mobilize the masses for the cause. She mobilized massive support from the womenfolk who trooped out en masse to vote for her husband. And now that it is time for her to reap the fruits of her labour, someone else has jumped the queue and slammed the door in her face.

Those close to the matter say that the governor-elect had been eyeing his new damsel, Hajia Farida for a long time but could not come up with a good enough reason to justify bringing her in as a second wife. Now that he has become a state executive, he claims his first wife’s inability to communicate in English will prove a hindrance to smooth discharge of the duties of a first lady.

Hence he seized on the excuse to wed Hajia Farida at an exclusive shindig on April 19 in Katsina. There are indications that the governor and some of his associates have begun to champion her as the first lady despite that she played no role in his emergence. Though quick to debunk the rumour when asked, feelers from his camp are that he might use his first wife as a figurehead to appease the people while Hajia Farida wields de facto power in the office of the Nasarawa first lady.

Despite the strong criticism which hasn’t stopped rushing his way in a never-ending wave, Sule doesn’t give a hoot as he savours the sweet taste of political and romantic conquests. In contrast, the longsuffering Hajia Silifa feels betrayed. She silently gnashes her teeth while maintaining outward support for her errant husband.