Best Legacy… Prince Arthur Eze Gives Scholarships to His People


The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example, quipped 19th-century statesman Benjamin Disraeli, and in Nigerian philanthropic circles, no current name is greater and no current example more worthy of emulation than that of Prince Arthur Eze. The billionaire oil mogul is in a league of his own when it comes to loosening the purse strings for the benefit of humanity. For the billionaire businessman and head honcho of Atlas Oranto Petroleum, no price is too steep to pay for a better world.

Worshippers at the local St Mary’s Catholic Church in Prince Eze’s homestead of Ukpo, Anambra State got a front-row seat to his boundless munificence during the Easter period. Informed that the locals have been mandated to pay a levy for the purpose of building a new secondary school in the community, the great Eze undertook to bear the costs — a not inconsiderable sum — all by himself. He further donated 10 million to the elderly and another 10 million each to help with facelifts for the schools in the area. Then came the icing on an already delicious cake as Eze, who is the prince of the town, announced plans to begin construction of the 10 billion Arthur Eze University in May 2019

In accordance with the admonition of the great sages of old to leave something in people, not just for them, the brilliant prince who recently joined the septuagenarian club has cultivated a habit of tying his generosity to laudable causes whose impact will still resound generations after. His first love is education and he regularly awards scholarships to indigent students all over the country. It wasn’t long ago that he made waves by building a $800,000 school in war-torn South Sudan.

Reputed to be among the wealthiest people on the continent, Prince Eze’s oil exploration firm Oranto Petroleum sits atop one of the largest cumulative oil reserves in Africa with assets in Nigeria, Liberia Equatorial Guinea and the United Kingdom.
Even so, the prince from the royal family of Ukpo kingdom in Dunukofia local government of Anambra state remains the picture of a very down-to-earth gentleman. With no false airs and no myriad barricades between him and the common people, Prince Eze gives off an aura of approachability that belies his status. He is equally at home among the poorest peasants of the poorest soil as he is in high-powered boardroom meetings with world leaders.