Glamcliq Floats Mobile App


Ayodeji Ake

An international brand, Glamcliq, envisioned to providing solutions to accessing quality beauty services remotely, has unveiled it mobile app ‘Glamcliq’, said it will serve as a connecting platform between vendors and customers in all locality.

The Chairman, Glamcliq, Amb. Elajoe Nwosu, told journalists during a press conference in Lagos recently, that the app has been designed to bridge the gap between vendors of quality services and customers in all geographical territory, an avenue for investors and partnerships.

“We are officially unveiling our mobile platform to the world. The whole idea is to bridge the gap between service providers especially those into cosmetics and fashion designers, and consumers. We understand that there are a lot of people with brand visibility but unable to locate their customers out there. With our app, they can easily locate them. With our app the customer can get services from any location at any time. This app is a revolution app and it will change the fashion industry and the beauty industry.

“Glamcliq is an international app. We are working tirelessly now on penetration. Glamcliq exist in four countries as we speak; Nigeria, Unites State of America, United Kingdom, and South Africa.  What we are focusing is product penetration and more people signup on Glamcliq. We know in the next two to three years, Glamcliq will be bigger than what we are seeing right now and that’s why we are reaching out for investors and partners who can join us at the early stage. The whole idea is just about solving a problem” Nwosu said.

The Chief Executive Officer, Glamcliq, Dr. Joshua Owoyale added that the app will create employment opportunities and also provide more customers for vendors, creating an avenue to generate more income.

Chief Operating Officer, Glamcliq, Adelola Adekunmi, noted that Glamcliq is not just for beauty but also a lifestyle.

She said the app has been developed enable the customers access vendors at any locality and with a budget limit to allow customers place orders base on their budget.

“The idea Glamcliq was coined from two different words; glamorous and Clique. The glamorous is something elegant and the clique is like a network of people who have passion for fashion basically, coming from the side of the vendors and the consumers as well.

“This is the step in the series of activities we intend to take. There is also going to be a service request code which will enable small phone user or those who can’t access the Google play store to download our app, access our services. And basically, we will innovate as time goes on. Glamcliq is not just an app but a lifestyle. The end game is to get across to people in different locality. We have made it in such a way that you get our services in your locations, and it includes a budget limit. You go to the app and type in your budget to get what you want” she said.

Glamcliq team in a group photograph during the official app unveiling during a press conference in Lagos.