Monday letter2

The US Air Force secretary Wilson has reported that the military has spent over $300,000 (about £250,000) on 391 cups since 2016 and people think the cost of coffee at a cafe is expensive! The cups aren’t even biodegradable.

 There are alternatives to these cups – recyclable paper cups. There is also alternative technology that keeps coffee warm – a thermos. There should be an alternative to wasting that amount of money – maybe going to the nearest convenience store for cups and perhaps the coffee as well.

 The military does a great job of protecting the country but not the economy. There are so many other vital projects that need financing – the great Mexican wall – well actually no, that will be another great waste of money or maybe creating a decent medical system – well actually no, that’s an Obama idea. Maybe a drop in the bucket of national debt would help.

 Maybe it’s time to double check prices against standard prices, if a coffee costs more than 10 times what it costs at Starbucks then don’t buy it.

Anyway, it’s time for me to get a cheap, $5 coffee from a local cafe but its exact location is a carefully guarded military secret.

Dennis Fitzgerald,

Melbourne, Australia