Tinubu – The New Awolowo?


Let me comparee or even saying the Asiwaju is a fitting successor to the great sage, Obafemi Awolowo. You know I can like to look for trouble like this and I will not hear word until someone knocks my head. This topic has really caught my mischievous person pushing me to curry trouble like a playful kitten. “Are you mad?” How can you compare Asiwaju to the great Awolowo” that was my friend Bode in our Whatsapp group when I brought up the topic.

He continued, ‘even Tinubu himself will pay you not try it, do you think that if they could achieve it they would not have tried it all this long?’ That is position Tinubu as the successor to Awolowo’s legacy. This was the train of thoughts amongst the series of Yoruba intelligentsia that I broached this topic with. From the b us stops in Shomolu, down to the beer parlors that litter the Bajulaiye end of Shomolu and even in the brothels, everybody thought I was crazy to even attempt a comparison.

Now is something not wrong with my head bringing this up to mainstream media? Look my people it is my unalienable right to compare anybody to anybody. In fact I can even compare Dino Melaye to Arthur Nzeribe and while I am still at it I will compare Buhari to Margaret Thatcher sef. Look them no dey buy am for market, na my head na my brain so why can’t I compare Tinubu to Awolowo? Please my people as far as I am concerned this is the new Awolowo After all they wear the same glasses and cap only that Awo own no get the symbols wey dey Tinubu own and I think Tinubu may be a better dancer. I have seen Tinubu dance in many places never saw Awo dance and be like say Awo no get bullion van.

He was too serious and that has given Tinubu the edge in my books. Well my brothers from the South West, you guys are very lucky to have a leader like the Asiwaju or you want to exchange him for that Nnamdi Kanu who is the authentic Igbo leader and who has been regaing us with videos of him and his wife about to make love? Look the Aiswaju is a great leader in the mould of the great sage and we must support his presidential ambition whether he wants it or not. We do not want at the end of the day the appellation that Aswiaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu was the greatest president never had, again.

Mbok, we must have this one o. So all of you, the whole 800 of you who filled my questionnaires saying that the Asiwaju cannot be compared to Awolowo do not know what you are talking about. I have declared the results of that opinion polls inconclusive and have shredded the result sheets. Anybody who wants to argue with me will have to take a paternity test to make sure he is not a Cameroonian because only a Cameroonian can be thinking like that. Asiwaju is the new Awolowo. Come and give me quit notice don’t like the statement. Mbok, I tire.