High Life: Femi Otedola’s Love for Saving Lives


Just like we have wolves in sheep’s clothing, there are angels among us. Sometimes, they blaze openly, radiant, rays of pure divinity that turn every blade of withering grass into a field of April flowers, every drooping human head within touching distance into a mind full of purpose and productive ideas. More often, they remain hidden, quietly transforming lives and spreading their impactful aura, yet uninterested in the acclaim they richly deserve.

If pillar of prosperity, Femi Otedola isn’t an angel, then there are none. Despite his formidable aura garnered over decades of outstanding accomplishments, the Forte Oil boss is the epitome of kindness. Possessing a soul attuned to the suffering of the needy, the son of former Lagos governor and the late elder statesman, Sir Michael Agbolade Otedola, quietly comes to the aid of those in the throes of despair.

In recent times, news has abounded of Otedola appearing like a good tiding – bearing deux ex machina to those in urgent need of medical help. Most of these acts of kindness never see the light of public day, because of his nature that frowns upon milking humanitarian deeds for personal gain. Yet a few manage to escape to the public arena. Like the case of veteran Nollywood actor Victor Olaitan whose $50,000 medical bills were cleared by Otedola. Not to mention former Super Eagles Captain and centre back Christian Chukwu got a firsthand taste of Otedola’s angelic nature. The billionaire businessman selflessly donated money for the former footballer to undergo a prostate operation abroad.

Those who reside in Otedola’s native Epe can tell you more than most about his heart of gold. He’s invested billions of Naira in the area, uplifting education, health and social services. No wonder he is more or less a god to them. Despite all this, the father of DJ Cuppy, Fewa and Tèmi Otedola remains humble.