…And the Killings Continue!

Mohammed Adamu

The spate of killings in different parts of the country is both alarming and disturbing. This menace moved nearer home last week, when Katsina, the home state of President Muhammadu Buhari, recorded attacks that led to the killing of about 15 people.

Thus, most parts of the north have become killing fields as everyday reports have shown. From Zamfara to Katsina, Kaduna, Borno, Yobe, Sokoto and Benue amongst others, the development is gradually creeping to the South of the country, with the security agencies nearly helpless and clueless on how to contain the situation.

What more, that some security personnel are also culpable in some of the killings, coupled with a set of security chiefs, who had lost it in terms of ideas, has compounded the fears of an average Nigerian on the nation’s failing security architecture, which if not arrested now, is already paving the way for total anarchy, the result of which is better imagined. Shall President Buhari wake up, please!