Miss Aviation Nigeria Queens: Ready to Take the World by Storm


Queens of Miss Aviation Nigeria, Urhoghide Aizeyosabor,  Nadoo Jombo and Precious Ameachi,  are ready to take the world by storm. Already, they have  individually began their impactful pet projects, even as they take their feat to Nollywood and the corporate society. MARY NNAH captures their works and picks their brains on matters of beauty and society

It took the beauty and talents of a young Nigerian lady to convince Nigerians that truly the world could be taken. That lady was Agbani Darego, MFR. When the beauty queen got crowned Miss World in 2001, it was some great motivation to all young Nigerians. Agbani became the first native African to win Miss World.

Since then, there has been a boom for Nigerian models in pageantry, and modelling in general. It’s such boom that has also inspired the creation of Mr. and Ms. Aviation Nigeria. When Mr and Ms Aviation Nigeria (MAMAN) hosted her Miss Aviation Nigeria beauty pageant it was quite an event. At the end, three beautiful ladies emerged winner, first and second runner ups.

24-year-old Aizeyosabor, who became the winner of the Miss Aviation Nigeria 2018/19 edition, is a Business Developer from Edo State. Jombo on the other hand is a flight attendant with a Nigerian Airline. She also runs an Instagram store called @nadinecollections. She was the first runner up. While Ameachi, who was second runner up as Miss Charming, is an insurance banking staffer and a graduate of Houdegbe North American University Benin.

Pet Projects 

These three amazing queens finally got hold of their dreams. They are set to fly. Ready to experience the glam, glitz and most importantly they are willing to oblige their services as required of queens.

Jombo already kicked started her ‘Put A Smile Project’ for sick kids in the hospital since March 22. She goes visiting and distributing food items and general supplies to the children’s ward most especially.

In the same light, Aizeyosabor started a project called ‘Beam The Light Campaign’. It’s a project that enlightens young Nigerians on the causes, effects and possible cure of depression and how it affects them as individuals. Aizeyosabor believes depression has the ability to reduce the possibility of success in the lives of young Nigerians because it causes a feeling of guilt and worthlessness that tends to disable the mind’s ability to think towards progress.

According to her, “How can you achieve it if you can’t even think it? The Beam The Light Campaign is still ongoing. I have also done some charity outreach and I’m working on a project called Aviation Beyond The Pilot which aims at educating young Nigerians on the career opportunities in the Aviation sector not just the pilot or cabin crew only as most people currently believe. I also intend to do a lot more outreach and give a voice to many social issues in the society”.

MAMAN Platform

Miss Aviation Nigeria is the first of its kind. The organisers had the idea primarily to help expose the various opportunities that’s available in the Aviation sector.

“MAMAN is a platform to be proud of, Aviation is a serious business but MAMAN is spicing it up by adding fashion and fun into aviation. It is a platform that gives you the opportunity to fly, slay and queen at the same time, as well as contribute to the society. It is the first platform in recent times to organise an aviation beauty pageant,” said Jombo.

For Ameachi, “it is a free and fair pageant, you don’t have to know anyone to become queen, it is strictly based on merit. That’s what makes MAMAN different.”

Aizeyosabor, as a toddler may not have thought about being a beauty queen.  She started nursing the idea when she was about 15years old. She was approached by some seniors back in the secondary school to contest for their school pageant — basically for her slim and tall characteristics — and since winning that, there’s been no looking back for her.

Jombo said she indeed saw herself winning even before she came to the house and after she saw the other contestants, nothing changed. Her goal was either to win the crown or the people. And she’s grateful to God that she came first runner up.

Life as Queens

One often wonders how the day-to-day living is for the beauty queens. Do they live the lifestyles of queens or they just dress and wear crowns? What changes when they emerge winner of a pageant?

Aizeyosabor explained that she has always intentionally made deliberate attempts to live an exemplary lifestyle even before she got the title. Now that she’s won the prize and has become an actual queen, nothing has changed. But as regards her makeup gig, that has had to be more consistent. Nowadays she dares not show up in any event without a make up on.

 “As a beauty queen there are definitely going to be cameras on you and having a knowledge of cameras I understand that you do not want to show up in front of a camera without any make up at all. So, no more team natural face for major events and MAMAN meetings. This doesn’t mean I wear make all the time though,” she postulated as she laughed.

Camp Experience 

So what goes on in the beauty pageant house that prepared these young ladies for the life of a queen? Jombo’s house experience with other contestants was quite fun and interesting. She said she met a lot of different characters as well as great cooks. She thinks they were all nice persons with no unnecessary dramas.

While Aizeyosabor acknowledged the diversities of ethnicity, culture and background of the contestants, that didn’t hinder her from the excitement and education the house provided. She said the different contestants had unique actions and reactions to situations and that contributed to the learning and moments of enjoyment for her.

“It was a memorable experience, having to experience different cultures. Good thing my counterparts were easy going and fun. I must say we all worked as a team, employing division of labour. Camping fostered a positive relationship amongst ourselves, and we still keep in touch till date,” said Ameachi.


The competition to emerge winner of pageantries is usually quite intense. When all the ladies come for a beauty pageant show, they all want to win. So when one of them is finally announced winner, others are left with the experience.

For Jombo, the feeling for her was mixed but great. According to her, it would have been very sweet if she was the winner.  “Truth is I was misled by the crowd, they really cheered for me but all the same I thank God for the first runner-up position, and the fact that I won the crowd.”

So everyone wants to win. But what’s the number one factor to winning? Ameachi said it is all about the amount of confidence you have inside of you. In her own opinion, confidence is a crown every queen should always have on. “I was very much aware that without confidence, I could easily be thrown off balance especially during the question and answer session, therefore, I ensured I was confident all through”.

When you emerge winner, you are expected to carry out  different pet projects and impact the world the way a queen would. Many cope well with this and for a few it is quite challenging. Aizeyosabor said she wouldn’t really say coping because she enjoyed every moment of it. “Yes it’s been quite tasking but it’s the kind of task that I will sign up for over and over again. But I have really had to do a lot of prioritising and time management in order to enable me manage all the things I have to do before the end of my reign”.

We remember past queens of various beauty pageants for many things. Jombo wants to be remembered as a beauty with brains. She wants to be remembered for her kindness, her services to humanity, her charity and hard work.

Life for Aizeyosabor, since she became Miss Aviation Nigeria has been a mixture of adventure, excitement, education and challenges. She’s done things she never knew she was capable of and she has made decisions and managed situations in ways that have only ever occurred in her head before now.  She has met wonderful people, met people that required a lot of management and she has had the opportunity to visit places she probably would not have reached yet but for the title

Beauty Routines

Pageantry isn’t all about saving the world though. There’s a reason it’s called a beauty pageant. The ladies are fashionable and beautiful. They have theirbeauty tips and takes. For instance, Ameachi’ routine is a simple washing and cleansing of her face twice daily.

She doesn’t use much cosmetic products for she likes to stick to a more natural routine. She moisturises with olive, almond or coconut oil daily. Accessories (earrings and belts especially) are a must have for her. They have a way of accentuating one’s appearance even without making so much effort, she said.

Jombo is mostly comfortable in free mini dresses, palazzo pants and blouses. And she doesn’t have a no-no when it comes to fashion statement because as she puts it ‘today’s fashion is crazy’.

And the fashion items you will find in Aizeyosabor’s hand bag are compact powder, foundation, concealer, brow fillers, eyeliner, lip stick, lip gloss/balm, eye-shadow, bronzer and highlighter and brushes to apply.

Aspiration for Nollywood

Nollywood is one of Nigeria’s biggest entertainment exports. And all the ladies of Miss Aviation Nigeria want a movie role fast.

“Yes, I am open to Nollywood movies, in fact I would really love to feature in one, as a child I used to be a TV star acting on kiddies’ station”,  Jombo said.

And for Aizeyosabor, she does really love the great job that is being done in the movie industry and quite reckons with the rate at which it has grown over the years. She looks forward to being a part of it soon. Jombo is also open to starring in the Nollywood movies. She said she is proud of how far the industry has gone and how much it has achieved.