Custodian Preaches Purity as Olokun Festival Holds in Ile Ife


Mary Nnah

As this year’s edition of the annual Olokun Festival rounds off in Ile Ife Osun State, Princess Latifat Momodu, the Ambassador of Olokun, the ocean goddess, has called on Nigerians to endeavour to be pure inside and out.

She said this will allow God to listen to and answer their prayers as the grand finale of the consultation with the spirit being is done in observation of the final rites of the Olokun Festival this weekend.

Speaking with pressmen in Lagos last weekend, Ms Momodu who was appointed the Heritage Ambassador of the Olokun Legacy last year, said the ongoing Olokun Festival 2019, being hosted by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, started Wednesday, April 23 in Ile Ife, and would be rounded off this weekend with final prayers to and consultations with the goddess.

She said therefore that Nigerians should uphold purity of heart and abstain from doing evil so that the prayers offered by the Olokun devotees for the wellbeing of the nation, would be answered.

Momodu who said, “Olokun is one of the powerful angels God sent to the world to save people from bondage, added, “you would notice that now a lot of hardship and evil are being experienced in Nigeria – ritual killings and kidnapping for money – blood, blood, blood everywhere. Why?

“God is angry with Nigeria because people are doing things that God does not like. That is why we are going to pray during Olokun Festival this year, begging God for forgiveness while talking to people to change, and be clean in and out”.

She said, “Everybody wants to rich and people deceive them, telling them that when you kill a fellow human being and bring their body parts and blood, you will become rich but it is not true. Why is the man who tells you to go and kill someone not rich? Do they ever think about that?

“It is because of all these killings that have made God to turn His face away from our nation. So we must stop all these evils so that God will be happy with our nation. And I believe strongly that things will change for the better after the prayers we are going to make during the Olokun Festival.”

The event however started on April 23 with general prayers at the domain while the climax of the event will be the two-day prayer and ministration by the Heritage Ambassador of the Olokun Legacy, Princess Latifat Wuraola Momodu..

Momodu who said she is well prepared to minster to the needs of every participants, pleaded, “please don’t chase people away from me, Do not stop anyone from seeing me, I was sent for their purpose, so let them come to me with their needs. Let the doors be open for them to see me”.

She confidently affirmed, that, “a lot of barren women who come to the event are going to go home with their babies because God has given me that healing power and whoever I touch must have a positive result.”

Momodu said further that this year’s edition is going to be very grand as she is expecting more than 700 guests from within and outside Nigeria.

She revealed further that to make this year’s event grander, preparations have been on high gear, these include rehearsal for musical bands which would entertain guests as well as other cultural troupe and musicals billed to perform during the event.

She added, “I have a musical troupe, which I have been managing since 2003 and my troupe is going to perform at the festival.

“It is going to be a big one and people are going to witness prayers for prosperity, elevation and healings. There would also be cultural dances, get-together, fashion show, exhibition and other tourist attractions at the event which takes place at the Palace of the Ooni of Ife.”