Weight Loss Improves Overall Health, Aids Pregnancy, Experts Posit


Rebecca Ejifoma

Some experts in the field of nutrition and weight loss have urged women especially to consider weight loss and better weight management to improve fertility and balance hormones.

One of the weight loss expert and Managing Director, Cambridge Weight Plan West Africa, Mrs. Eniola Karunwi narrated how losing weight balanced her hormones and fertility rate after 10 years of miscarriages and infertility.

The MD, who once weighed 120kg, expressed that she had five miscarriages including a five months old pregnancy, removal of tube and ectopic pregnancy among other complications.

“As an obese person, I never saw myself that way. I always thought I was beautiful and healthy. Although after my first child, I couldn’t conceive for 10 years. At this time, I weighed 120kg and had several miscarriages and other complications,” she said.

Attesting to the use of Cambridge Weight Plan, the expert described her life as more interesting after she lost 50kg in six months without exercising. “It was so easy. I became healthier and sleep better now and even more fertile”.

According to Karunwi, her hormones became more balanced and her period flowed regularly. “At 39, I had my second baby after having the first 10 years ago. So, in the space of three years, I had my third child”.

She said: “That for me was an eye opener. Obesity is a problem in Nigeria and CWP is the magic formula. It’s simple, well-reserved and gives you value for money.”

Meanwhile, Karunwi listed some health damages obesity poses to the body. She cited studies which showed that being overweight leads to imbalances in an individual’s hormones, which can affect overall health issues like infertility.

Other complex health breakdown includes improper insulin levels, low metabolism, reduced sexual drive, irregular body temperature, abnormal sleep cycles, reduced appetites and other health related issues.

Studies, also, show that hormones are the most powerful chemical messengers in the body and balanced hormones is important for good health.

Speaking on the importance of losing weight, Karunwi decried, “Sadly, many people do not recognise that excess weight affects the way body organs function and instead blame it on stress and other factors.”

Having been an obese for years, she confidently said that without good health, an individual will be unhappy, spend huge amounts on treatments, and can even become depressed.

“An effective weight loss and management plan is needed to achieve balanced hormones and consequently, overall good health”.

Having been in existence since 1960, CWP is said to be an effective solution to losing weight and maintaining it. Not only would it improve hormonal balance, it will also aid the proper functioning of other vital organs in the body.