Will the Roads Ever be Safe for Leah?

Leah Sharibu

Notes for File

President Muhammadu Buhari said recently that the reason, Leah Sharibu, the last of the kidnapped Dapchi School girls in February of 2018, is yet to be released was, because of her safe movement given the kind of security now mounted in that part of the country. The president also said the security of the nation could not be compromised on that account but reiterated his commitment to getting Leah out.

Unfortunately, that presidential excuse is lame and unable to satisfy some of the posers surrounding why Leah has remained in the captivity of her adductors, over a year after her colleagues were released and she held back over her choice of faith.

And one of the reasons the excuse offered appears lame is, because the security of that part of the country is not likely to change anytime soon, which means the kind of safe movement Buhari seeks for the Boko Haram members is not feasible anytime soon and therefore, Leah’s people and the world should prepare for her longer night in captivity.

Fair enough, it would truly make no strategic security sense to relax the measures already put in place in that part of the country against insurgency for just one person. However, since the president is unable to come up with other options as it so seems, he should be honest to admit Leah’s release is unlikely anytime soon. Period!