The Match-Maker: Ibidun Ighodalo Helping Young Ladies to Find Perfect Partners

Ibidun Ighodalo

You can never measure the milk of human kindness unless you throw yourself at charity and benevolence and ensure succour for victims of unfair circumstances. In the last few years, Ibidun Ighodalo, the former Miss Lux and wife of top Lagos Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, has used her own life’s experience as the platform through which to extend a helping hand to those going through the same journey. The beautiful woman and social influencer isn’t stopping there. She has brought out a new scheme to connect desiring young ladies with potential partners through the power of social media.

Ibidun’s journey towards impactful living was borne out of her desire to help those who are looking for the fruits of the womb like she did and does. She got married to pastor Ituah in 2007 but no fruit of the womb was forthcoming despite her best efforts. Numerous hospital appointments which were very hard, very expensive, and very unsuccessful In-Vitro Fertilization procedures later, Ibidun finally had enough.

Now blessed with two cute adopted kids, Keke and Zenan, Ibidun floated the Ibidun Ighodalo Foundation to bring succour to those who cannot afford the expensive pregnancy procedures. Through her foundation, quite a few women have become mothers of healthy children. This gives Ibidun the utmost fulfilment, as if those deliveries are her own children.

The ex-beauty queen is always in the zone whenever she discusses the burdens the society piles on women, especially the childless and the unmarried. Thus, just as she floated a foundation to help the former to the best of her ability, she is taking baby steps in her desire to alleviate the pressures on the latter. Her Instagram page has become a mini matchmaking zone of late. She uses the platform to display the credentials of vetted eligible maidens and pairs them up with interested Mr Rights.