Arik Plans to Resume New York Flights

Chief Executive Officer of ARIK Air, Roy Ilegbodu

Arik Air said it is considering reopening its Lagos-New York flights, which was stopped in 2017.

Speaking during the visit of the 54th President of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, (ICAN), Razak Adeleke Jaiyeola, to his office in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer of the airline, Roy Ilegbodu, explained that to commence the process of re-opening New-York route was quite complex, especially having to settle debts left behind by the past management.

“The past management left a lot of debts internationally and those are part of the issues we have to address before going to other routes abroad,” Ilegbodu added.

He said, “We plan to recommence modalities for our New York and other international operations sooner or later. Sometime next year we will commence the process, we will look at the critically because the process is complex. This process is not easy, it would take at least a year or 18 months to get back to that stage.

“It will happen, but it will not happen soon as the past management left a lot of debt and they need to be addressed before we fly to other routes internationally.”

Ilegbodu, however, said the current management was on the threshold of taking the airline to greater glory as it has stabilised the organisation.

“We’ve had our ups and downs but we have stabilized and are consolidating. In the near future, you will see an airline that is better than before.”

He expressed hope that the relationship it shares with ICAN would wax stronger adding that Arik as an airline has employed over five chartered accountants and is not hesitant to employ such top notch professionals into its service.

Speaking earlier, the 54th ICAN President, Jaiyeola expressed appreciation for the great strides in Arik and the renewed vigour that has championed the airline’s turn around.

“We appreciate the great strides of Arik, the renewed vigour and the consolidation in the airline that has kept it. We also want to thank you for engaging our members of the institute and tell you it is a good development and also enjoin you to employ many more.”

The ICAN President said the body would leverage technology at its conference coming up 29th and 30th of April, appealing to the airline to give its members rebate.

Jaiyeola said the conference was about creating awareness and keeping its members abreast with the latest and most convenient technology in Information Technology (IT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet and other technology that can be deployed to make their works smoother and so they don’t become irrelevant.