Varsities, Polys Urged to Embrace e-Learning


Funmi Ogundare

The Chief Executive Officer of Slot System Limited, Mr. Nnamdi Ezeigbo has urged institutions in the country to embrace e-learning to expand their learning and business outcomes.

Ezeigbo, who made this known recently at the second research and development public lecture of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Lagos titled ‘Disruptive Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship’, said institutions could exploit such opportunity to increase the number of people that come to them, adding that it will enable them to showcase what they have.

He expressed concern that most traditional institutions in Nigeria are limited by what they do because of their space, adding that due to its flexibility; people could combine it with their jobs.

“e-Learning is the new currency in terms of how people could acquire university degrees in Nigeria. Most traditional institutions in Nigeria are limited by what they do because of their space. So the only way they can expand and become scalable is e-learning. It does not have any boundary, so it is limitless.

“The only way schools like YABATECH and universities can exploit opportunities is to increase the number of people that come to them by having an e-learning centre, which is the way to go. Many people in Nigeria are unable to go to traditional schools because of the inconveniences of driving all the way from their homes and combining that with their jobs. So there is need for flexibility.”

Ezeigbo, an alumnus of the college while appealing to traditional institutions to imbibe the e-learning culture, said these days, people are more concerned about skills than certificate acquisition, adding that institutions could avoid being disruptive through e-learning.

“When disruption comes, it takes time to gain ground, but over time, it becomes the way to go. People are not really concerned about certificates, it will be about your skills and what can you do. So if institutions have e-learning platforms, people who go through the platforms will be recognised and as long as you can do well at the workplace, the certificate also allows you to go for the national youth corps programme.

“That is why those who have gone to the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) are doing very well. If the regular training is two years, e-learning can take three years because it takes a longer time. This is the only way schools can avoid been disruptive,” the CEO said.

The Rector of YABATECH, Mr. Femi Omokungbe stressed the importance of research and development to the institution, saying that it is also a critical factor in the innovation process.

“Without research, there will be no innovation and technological advancement,” he said, while disclosing that the college has been chosen as one of the 10 pioneer innovative hub institutions by UNESCO/UNEVOC in the world by Bonn, Germany.

He reiterated the college’s commitment to encouraging research and development activities, which are demonstrated in the provision of support for staff to improve their research skills, as well as build on knowledge through the provision of an enabling environment and sponsorship.

Omokungbe commended the Research and Development Committee of the college for organising the lecture in less than three months after the first one, saying that it has demonstrated capabilities in fulfilling the objectives of its creation.