Firm Drives Financial Inclusion with Agency Network Platform


Raheem Akingbolu 

One of the leading financial technology companies, Global Accelerex, has recorded another milestone with the launch of its agency network platform, a web-based business solution developed for agency banking business.

The company announced in Lagos recently that the move was in support of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s financial inclusion drive, which seeks to include the underserved and unbanked adult population in the financial network. 

 According to the firm, the network platform has the unique feature to integrate with different payment channels such as PoS, Mobile App and USSD simultaneously to perform financial operations including pool account operation, cash withdrawals, cash deposits, fund transfers, account opening, bill payment and other related financial services. 


Speaking with journalists at the Company’s Head Office in Lagos, Executive Director, Technology and Innovation, Stanley Ugochukwu Peters, disclosed that Global Accelerex built the platform to serve all stakeholders in the agent banking ecosystem and make their business operations seamless.

He added that the platform is flexible, making it possible to accommodate different agent network business requirements and various delivery models. 

Peters, further reiterated that the Accelerex Agent Network Platform is a major revolution in the digital payment space because it was carefully designed to address the challenges agents face daily in their business operations.

ANP, as it is popularly called, is particularly ideal for super agents who bear the burden of managing sub-agents and thousands of sole agents on the field across the country.

The platform makes the supervision, administration and management of super agents’ businesses simpler, easier and more convenient. In addition, ANP is a secure platform that allows for easy onboarding and relationship management of agents, including proper KYC and due diligence documentation. 


The platform has unique features that guarantee convenience and seamless conduct of business. Agents enjoy Instant transaction notification via SMS. Another distinctive benefit is instant value and same day settlement.

This removes all limitations to increased transaction volume, and enables the agent provide service to as many customers as possible, rather than wait till the day after the transaction to get settled. 

 Furthermore, ANP offers the unique opportunity for multiple transactions and digital activities to be performed on the same payment Channel (PoS).

This removes the current inconvenience from other platforms of conducting transactions via different channels with different payment providers.