Kolade Johnson and Police ‘ Kill And Go’


I refer to your publication on the above subject matter and specifically wish to draw your attention to the misinformed reporting of the death of Ferry Gberegbe.

For the records, Ferry Gberegbe died on the 16th March at St. Patrick Hospital, Eastern by Pass, Port Harcourt from an undisclosed illness and not from any gunshot injury.

Contrary to the doctored social media video, Dr Ferry Gberegbe was not shot by SARS or any one for that matter and please take a second look at the video if you have it and you will see very clearly that Ferry Gberegbe held his stomach and fell down when the shooting had stopped.

Let me also inform you that the shooting you referred to was done by cultist who had come to attack the collation centre and not the police. This is explicit in the video if indeed you watched it. Thankfully, this video was shot by the accusers and not the Police.

I consider the publication unfair and partisan, intended to promote the view of Mr. Lee Meaba and his political party and interest. The maxim ‘audi alteram partem’ (hear the other side) applies in all cases where a lawyer undertakes to advocate on any issue of public interest.

The least you should have done was to call up the Rivers Police PPRO for the police side to the incident. Posting the photograph of a public officer to promote a story that is half-truth does not do our collective effort to build an egalitarian society any good.
––ACP Akin Fakorede,akinfakorede92@gmail.com