Paula Takes Beauty to Market Place


Mary Nnah

Paula Beauty, a new and innovative makeup brand, committed to creating hyper-performance and high quality beauty products that are cruelty-free, comfy and safe to use, recently took beauty to women at the market place to commemorate this year’s Mother’s Day.

During the exercise, petty traders in one of the popular markets in Lagos were transformed into beauty queens with makeover by Paula Beauty products.

According to the founder of the beauty brand, Mrs. Chinenye Nlemadim, the programme smartly tagged ‘Mothering Sunday’, was all about showcasing how beautiful every woman can be.

“I’m someone that always believes that every woman is beautiful. At times, circumstances might just make it look like you are not beautiful enough, maybe because of what you are going through and all.

“So, the idea is actually to bring out the beauty in every woman like the groundnut seller on the road, the yam/ plantain seller under the hot sun roasting yam. We just want to bring out that beauty in her, show the world how beautiful she is, using our products”.

The idea, Nlemadim said further was to appreciate mothers and their beauty, because they go through a lot.

“We go through a lot rearing children, and even forget to take care of ourselves. Even appreciating yourself is the least thing you want to do. You are bothered about your kids, how to hustle to make them fine. So basically, we just want to appreciate women generally.

“What this means is that our customers can explore bold and daring looks with our products with the full confidence that their skin would not be damaged or put at risk in any way”, she added.

The beautician who said interested buyers can visit her website, added, “we are also on instagram. We have a physical office at Adelabu in Surulere. In Abuja, we have two major distributors. We also have a major distributor in Port Harcourt”.

She revealed further that Paula Beauty started just with waterproof gel liners and then grew over time to add more, products, adding, “our waterproof gel liners are perfect.. You can sharpen it. At the same time, it’s waterproof. Even under sweat, it doesn’t clean up. It can last you as long as you want. We also have auto brow gel eyeliner. When you use it, you don’t have to worry about your brow cleaning up after you sweat. With the eyeliner you are good to go for the whole day.

“My eyeliner, lip gloss and the brow pencil defines your face perfectly. Every woman should have the brow pencil, eyeliner and the lip gloss”.