Korean Employee Dies After LADOL Shooting Incident


Peter Uzoho

A Korean employee of SHI-MCI FZE shot by an officer of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence (NSCDC) guarding the LADOL Free Zone in Lagos yesterday died at the hospital as a result of the injuries he sustained from the shooting incident.

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) said in a statement last night that the deceased suffered multiple injuries to key organs, adding that despite the battle to save his life at the hospital by expert medical professionals, he succumbed to death yesterday evening following the horrible injuries he sustained.

According to the statement, the LADOL Free Zone armed security guard first shot and killed his colleague during an argument on Monday at the SHI-MCI FZE yard.

“The gunman then went on a rampage around the SHI-MCI yard before shooting the Korean employee who was conducting maintenance work in a crane in the zone. This was an entirely unprovoked attack, as the employee was not involved in the original argument between the gunman and his colleague,” the statement said.

Following the shooting, the Korean was evacuated to Lagoon Hospital Ikoyi, where he underwent two days of surgery.

However, he suffered severe damage to his kidneys and intestines from the gun-shot, and sadly died on Wednesday evening despite the best efforts of the doctors and nurses treating him.

According to the statement by Samsung Heavy Industries, “We are extremely shocked and saddened at the turn of events. We send our sincerest condolences to his family in Korea and are providing them with all the support they require. We thank all the expert medical personnel that fought so hard to save his life.

“Samsung will work tirelessly to ensure the gunman is brought to justice. We will also ensure that LADOL are held accountable for organisational and management failing that allowed the gunman to carry out this terrible crime in the LADOL Free Zone. We are conducting a full investigation and demand answers from LADOL as to how this employee was screened, and what protection they can offer to workers within the LADOL Free Zone who are now extremely concerned for their safety and welfare. This incident has exposed the security lapses in the LADOL Free Zone which has led to the loss of a Nigerian and a Korean,” the statement added.

The statement further revealed that the Korean Ambassador has contacted the Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, demanding “a prompt and fair investigation into what happened and to ensure the safety of Koreans who live in Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, before the death of the Korean, LADOL had issued a statement yesterday saying it was deeply saddened by the shooting incident at the zone.

“As announced by the Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Mohammed Abdullahi Gana, “a Civil Defence officer opened fire ‘in error’” at LADOL. This resulted in one fatality and one injury. We extend our deepest condolences to the family of the NSCDC officer, who tragically lost his life as well as the Samsung Heavy Industries Nigeria (Samsung) staff member who was injured. The Samsung staff member was in stable condition in hospital and arrangements are being made to return him to South Korea. We are providing every support we can to those impacted and their families”

“We commend the NSCDC team in LADOL, particularly their commander on the scene who swiftly brought the situation under control. We note that this is an isolated incident which should not be interpreted to portray NSCDC in a poor light. We also commend and thank the LADOL security team who acted professionally and calmly to ensure the situation was resolved quickly.”