Firm Woos Customers


Raheem Akingbolu

Coollink, a partner of Konnect Africa, has launched new prices to the Nigerian market, making satellite broadband more affordable.

Having been industry partners for more than two years now, the two firms promised to undertake the challenge of bringing connectivity everywhere in Nigeria.

Chief Executive Officer, Coollink, Shahin Nouri, who addressed a cross section of the media, recently said both organisations were pleased to announce the release of their new ASTA packages and equipment prices, making satellite internet more affordable for subscribers in Nigeria.

According to him, the new positioning was to further bridge the connectivity gap in the country by enabling both professional and residential customers to benefit from pocket friendly offers.

He said: “With packages starting from N5,500.00 and equipment from N36,000, consumers can surf on speeds of up to 20Mbps wherever they are in Nigeria. Furthermore, subscribers will still enjoy FREE internet browsing from 12am to 6am daily. This offer represents another giant stride from Coollink, the first and only satellite broadband provider to offer data rollover for consumers in the market,”

 He stated that the data rollover would still be available for ASTA customers on the new package prices, adding that providing broadband through satellite technology, ASTA service was available to everyone in Nigeria no matter how remotely located they are.

“In late 2017, we successfully transformed Satellite Broadband Services in Nigeria. We simplified purchasing, installation and data plan subscription processes. Indeed, with our online shop,, customers can order high-speed Internet connections from anywhere in Nigeria and be connected within 2 to 5 business days. Today we are improving further on the pricing front by reducing and subsidizing heavily price of equipment and subscriptions, reducing equipment price from N99,000 to N36,000 and introducing a 5GB plan at N5,500.”