Emmanuel TV’s YouTube Award: Ojukwu Lauds TB Joshua


Olaoluwakitan Babatunde

Jonas Maduabuchukwu Ojukwu, a Peace Ambassador and a director at Innoson Group, indigenous manufacturers of motor vehicles and spares, has lauded Prophet TB Joshua for the Gold Creator Award given to Emmanuel TV by YouTube.

Globally, YouTube has grown to become one of the most recognized websites with over a billion users. It said it was giving Prophet TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV the award for recording more than one million subscribers.

Emmanuel TV, which is YouTube’s most watched Christian channel, has also attained over 400 million views.

Ojukwu, one of the faithful followers of TB Joshua, who is also a partner of Emmanuel TV,  is particularly excited that this honour is a confirmation of his optimism expressed one and a half years ago about trhe channel. He had said in September 2017 that more recognition would come the way of the prophet for his selfless and relentless pursuit of happiness for humanity.

Obviously surprised by the attainment of this feat of one million subscribers rather fast, YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wajcicki, told Emmanuel TV in the letter announcing the recognition: “You’ve amazed us. Keep daring; keep dreaming big… and keep creating! You’re the inspiration for everything we do.”

She gushed: “One million subscribers. Maybe you’ve imagined that day for a long time, or maybe you never thought you’d grow so big. Either way, not much can match the satisfaction of finding out that your creativity that your ideas, that your voice speaks to one million people across the globe.

“We know that being able to touch the lives of so many people is reward enough. But we’re incredibly proud of all you’ve done; so we hope you’ll accept this Gold Creator Award as a token of our esteem.

“With your track record, we suspect you’re only going to keep growing. And we can’t wait to see you reach the next milestone: 10 million subscribers.”

She explained that though it may seem far away, Emmanuel TV and Prophet TB Joshua and partners should remember the days when they were hoping to have a thousand subscribers.

True to that, Ojukwu recalled that Prophet T.B Joshua always said every big thing starts small.

Emmanuel TV started operation in 2006.

Overwhelmed with joy, Ojukwu prayed for Prophet TB Joshua, founder Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), owners of Emmanuel TV : “May your God continue to strengthen and protect you so you can continue to do His will and save more souls for Him in Jesus Name. Amen.”

When YouTube honoured Emmanuel TV for attaining 100,000 subscribers some two years ago, it had said: “You have just done something very few YouTube creators accomplish. You have an astonishing 100,000 people subscribed to your channel. We know the numbers on YouTube can get really big but we know you don’t lose sight of the reality behind that six-digit milestone. Each and every person who subscribed to your channel was touched by what you do. They were challenged or inspired or entertained. You made this milestone with hard work, perseverance and chances are, a healthy sense of humour.”

In that earlier award, YouTube said: “What you’ve accomplished can’t be taken away from you and we like to recognize you and all your hard work with this silver play button, a small token of our esteem and respect. We know you don’t do this for a reward; you do it because you have a drive to create and share and because you found an audience that cares.

“Believe us when we say that we can’t wait to see what you do next. I know your subscribers may seem a long way off now but you are closer than you think, and we’re waiting for you.”

Ojukwu said: “I have no doubt that with the increasing popularity of Emmanuel TV, it would be able to attain the next milestone of 10 million subscribers set for them by YouTube within the shortest time possible.”