Pastor Wole Oladiyun: ‘I Sold Spare Parts, Wood Before My Calling’

Pastor Wole Oladiyun

Although he once aspired to become a policeman because of his desire to curtail injustice, Senior Pastor of Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, rather found himself selling spare parts, chemicals and woods to make ends meet despite having an engineering degree in his kitty. Today, having spent six decades on earth, Oladiyun, who is also a prayer warrior, shares his journey with Ayodeji Ake about his ministerial mantle to conquer the world

It’s your 60th birthday and CLAM’s 21st anniversary, how was the journey been?

It has been by the grace and mercy of God. I want to appreciate the great men and women who have been with me and the executive board, may the Lord bless them all. What will a man say when God has made success out of his life? When a man has known Jesus from a very tender age and up till now I have been serving him and He has never disappointed me.  I am an engineer by training, I have built houses all over the nation. I grew up in the family of seven and we are doing well by the grace of God. My parents are with the Lord now but they left a good legacy.

I have always known I will work for God because at age seven Jesus has been appearing to me. My parent took me to church, and was told I need to be educated to make the calling great. At a point I wanted to be a policeman because I want to curtail injustice wherever I find myself and I want to make a great impact in the country. I sold chemicals, ventured into selling spare parts and I also did wood business.

When I graduated, the Lord said to me to go to any Christ Apostolic Church which I did and I also went to Deeper Life Bible Church. When the call came, it was a big struggle because of my love for engineering. I was confused at a time and I embarked on a long time fasting. I fasted for 315 days and the Lord spoke to me. So, God has been so good to me and to Him I give all the glory.

Speaking of legacy, what kind should parents give to their children?

For every parent that wants the betterment of their children, the first legacy should be the fear of God. Then an average parent must teach their children to be civil.  The value inculcated in your children will determine their future. So, we must teach them to be honest and then to respect process. Nothing happens over night. Tell your children before a woman gives birth, she conceived and carried that baby for nine months.  They must know that hard work is sacrosanct. See what’s happening now, youths going into rituals. We must let our children know that we didn’t get to where we are overnight. Let’s teach them how to conduct themselves, to contribute their quota and don’t be rebellious. We must also teach them to be kind. They must learn how to give. They must love their country Nigeria. Above all they must be very prayerful.

Were there times you felt like giving up when you started this ministry?

When everything is too smooth, check yourself. A lot of challenges, but God put me there to proffer solutions. A lot of challenges in so many areas. Some times challenges will come like what should I do next as per this assignment? What I do is that I hear from him. God speaks to me expressly. What makes me a leader is because of my choleric nature. I make mistakes and accept my own falls, God helps me. We also have challenges in terms of financing, infrastructure and so many. And my landmark, I want to say everyone should thank God for us on this mountain of CLAM. Four major things that have worked for us;  grace, mercy, favour and help of God. We are among 10 in Africa and it’s all by the grace of God. We have been to villages that people run away from in Nigerian for deliverance outreaches and the people are happy. CLAM Soteria Hospital is one of our successes and today, we have done four brain operations so far. Each operation will cost eight million naira in India, we do it for very less. We only take money to buy drugs and pay the workers. From the tithes and offering God has helped me to build this hospital because a lot of news around that pastors embezzles tithes and offering. CLAM farm is also there, CLAM football club is also there. We have a full time coach for them. Pastor Wole Oladiyun Foundation, where we have sponsored scores of scholarships is also there. So many things God has been doing for us. If you come here, we have succor and we are joyful. Above all God has been so merciful to us.

What are those lessons life has taught you and what do you intend doing differently?

Life has taught me to fear God. It has taught me that when anything is good it’s God. It has taught me that for anything man achieves, is by the grace of God. Life has taught me humanity. It has also taught me that we brought nothing to the world and we are taking nothing back. It has taught me that everything is about illusion.  It taught me huge mystery about creation.  Life has taught me to smile at all time, and enjoy myself at all times and not make anyone make you look miserable.  I have learnt in life that I must have eternity in God.  Life has taught me to love my wife lavishly and take care of my children. I have one ambition, I want to go back to the university to lecture.

How were you able to convince your wife about your calling?

I want you to help me thank my wife. She is a great woman. God knows what He will use me for, that was why he reconfigured that woman for me. Please help me thank her.

What else are looking forward to as you age?

I want to go back to the university to lecture. I want raise a lot of people and do a lot of service to humanity. Celebration has started and I’m celebrating now and forever. I have written 53 books and they are doing well all over the world. Go to and you will be blessed.

What are your hopes for Nigeria?

Nigeria is a great nation. I want to tell you that God has spoken prophetically that other countries will be coming to our country for solutions. It’s easy to manage Nigeria if we get somethings right. I’m trusting God that by the time that the national conference results have been properly looked into, we should focus on the six geopolitical zones to start a proper regional system of government.

If the local, state and federal can join forces together and observe accountability, things will be better. And let’s remove every federal character. Let us choose qualified leaders irrespective of their states. If we have some who can deliver and he is from Ondo or any state, then he should be there. Leadership is a major problem. Truly some of them are good but majority we can’t talk about. Let’s start state policing. Federal policing is deficient. I believe that if we sit down and look closely at the clauses we can do better.

Do you think the church is playing enough role in politics and governance?

I want us to respect ourselves as human being irrespective of religion. The church is trying. Somethings the government can’t do, we are doing them. We are trying, but we are not yet there. Let them come and ask us how we do it so that we give them the logic. For me I know what to tell this nation and it will move to better. There are two things we need to put right; singularly speaking, the nation must learn to hear our voice. We should participate in government and we should consider kingdom postings.  We are working on a lot of things and in the next few years we will achieve something. Churches with resources should begin to build industries. I want to say the church of God is fine.

What’s your relationship with other pastors?

My relationship is cordial with them. Pastor Mattew Ashimolowo is my mentor.