HCDC Moves to Improve Youth Productivity in Workplace


As part of its desire to improve productivity in the workplace, the Human Capacity Development Consultant (HCDC) has organised a productivity plus with a focus on helping youths achieve productivity, success and financial freedom.

Speaking at the Productivity Plus Summit’ (PPS) in Lagos recently, the Chief Executive Officer, HCDC, Abisiola Longe, noted that HCDC has decided to start productivity plus because the group realised that the nation was in crisis.

She also said people were not productive and they did not understand what it took to achieve success, adding that productivity plus began in 2012, “and we have grown inch and by inch.”

“We decided to start productivity plus because we found that our nation was in crisis, people were not productive and they did not understand what it took to achieve success, people didn’t understand or had a work ethic, people didn’t understand the process to success and productivity. So it was really to help people understand what it takes to achieve success and give them the tool and help them achieve their dream life. Many people make excuses and give their power away,” she added.

Longe, explained that productivity plus is aimed at helping people realise to redesign their dream life through personal efforts, “because it is your own life and make it happen the way you design it as long you are ready to put in the learning required.”

According to her, “This is the first productivity plus annual summit, the focus is to give people the tool and the objective is to help people cross the hurdle between where they are and where they want to be.

“We hear a lot about unemployment and people not able to get jobs and do businesses, because of the harsh environment. But what we see is people who don’t have the knowledge and the tools, they don’t know the power they have available, they don’t see the opportunities that they have and they look at people at the top as if they just jumped there.
“So their coming here is to bring them close to these successful people to show them that there is a process which is known as connecting the dots. Therefore, people can look at them and connect the dots. Then see their own path and steps that they want to take to their productivity plus life.

“On a personal level, my life is all about showing people that they are more than where they are and what they are doing. My dream for productivity plus is that we will have a million people who are signed up to living life of productivity success, people who are living their dreams and achieving financial freedom.

“We have over 2,500 people registered. The summit is really to launch productivity plus which is the process, after the summit, people are signed up on our list and those people will get free monitoring and free training and free coaching and accountability. The coaching and accountability will be paid for. But people that signed up will receive free learning and free training online on how they work the productivity journey.”