Using Technology To Boost Nigeria’s Real Estate Industry


Similoluwa Olunloyo writes that Nigeria’s real estate industry has made significant advancement through the use of technology

The world is getting smarter; people are getting more connected than ever before, the universe has become so central that with the snap of a finger or as they say with ”one-click” you are connected to another person who is more than 5000 kilometres away from where you are. It is safe to say that without technology, most of the innovations that have made life easier would not have been possible.

Whether we like it or we don’t, technology has come to stay, and with time, it is going to form the basis of everyday living. When channelled in the right path, technology has proven to improve the quality of life, and when it falls into the wrong hands, the consequences are devastating.

Technology has improved the way we work and live; it will change the future of work as more technologies are going to be deployed at the workplace increasing productivity in the process. Most industries have started incorporating technology into their operations, and you cannot blame them because let’s face it, technology is the future.

When thinking about real estate, technology and productivity in one breath, it is very easy for your mind to go to the cutting edge technologies adopted in developing a site right from when the first block is laid to when the building is finally completed. You are not wrong to think that.

Over the years, the real estate industry has undergone a technological transformation of its own. It used to be drawing out plans on broadsheets, but now with the help of 3D imaging, developers have now been able to express their creativity better and more precise.

This improves productivity as less time is spent on drawing out the plan, printing it out and then having to sell the idea to the client is entirely a different ball game but with 3D, it’s faster to get the designs out, and it is self-explanatory.

Almost all if not every part of real estate is touched by technology, from the beginning of the home search to closing deals, every transaction can be done with the click of a button. The internet has proved to be a blessing to the real estate industry, and that is set to continue for a long time.

Technology has also improved productivity when the way houses are designed is factored in, how you may ask. With the new trend of “Smart Houses”, productivity is further enhanced as the automation affords the occupant/owner of the apartment the luxury of focusing on other things instead of having to run the apartment manually.

While the shift to smarter homes is still relatively new to the Nigerian real estate industry, some developers have taken commendable steps into ensuring that they meet up with the global technological standards in the industry.

One of these forward-thinking developers is Hall 7, a real estate development company based in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja. Established in 2013, Hall 7 Real Estate symbolises hallmark of excellence and perfection in the Real Estate sector. The company’s constant delivery of innovative, top notch and specialised customer experiences has enabled it to set the pace in the Real Estate sector.

Despite being relatively young in the business of real estate, Hall 7 is setting the pace for others to follow. From design to execution, their clients get exactly what was designed and even more by the time the project is completed. The brand says it “doesn’t promise but delivers”, this is particularly encouraging considering how a lot of developers promise you the world and then deliver structures below the expected standard.

Hall 7 is technologically inclined; it is evident that they are when one checks out the projects they have delivered in their six years existence, The Brookshore Residence and The Bridge Peridot are two examples of the company’s technological prowess. The Bridge, for example, is an automated set of apartments and townhouses, where all you need is just the press of a button away. You control lighting, temperature, entertainment systems, and appliances electronically with literally a snap of your fingers. When it comes to security, the bridge peridot is fully secured using some of the best security technologies in the world.

CEO of Hall 7, Olayinka Braimoh, a young and tech-savvy developer had this to say earlier in the year at the commissioning of the bridge peridot. “ We want to do things differently, that is why we decided on developing The Bridge Peridot which took more than two years to complete because we wanted it to be of world standard and we are pleased that we achieved that using some cutting edge technologies. We are excited about commissioning this, and we look to doing more for the Nigerian real estate sector in the near future”.

Living in an automated home like the two mentioned above for apparent reasons improves productivity, as you spend less time on managing your apartment because the houses are automated, you have more time to relax and also focus your energy on other things.

When you look at the success of Hall 7’s Bridge Peridot, you’d see that Nigerians are particular about value. If you’re not offering value to the typical Nigerian then whatever you are providing them is meaningless, and you can never fault them for that, because, who doesn’t want value anyways.

Real estate companies in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country have a huge mandate to provide value to their customers because of the capital involved. One just cannot invest a considerable amount of money in a real estate project and not expect value in return. However, most real estate firms in Nigeria have fallen short of that in recent times.

This sometimes stems from their being in a hurry to finish up the project because the client can no longer wait. At other times, it’s down to some of the companies in the industry being outrightly incapable of delivering value.

But for Hall 7, the company has been able to excellently tap into technology in its operations and build processes such that each project has something technologically unique about it. In its six years of existence, the firm has been responsible for the development of arguably some of the best and tech-driven neighbourhood in the federal capital territory.

Aside the Bridge Peridot, there’s also the Brook Shore. Like the Bridge Peridot, the Brook Shore is fully automated.

In their execution, Hall 7 employed some of the best technologies available to make sure its buildings are safe, stands the test of time and at the same time gives the customer what they want. In a country where getting value for money is becoming very difficult to find, Hall 7 has made sure that the client gets what they asked for but with some extra features that makes the customer’s experience a whole lot better than it would have been.

It is that extra attention to details and those additional features that makes the client know they have gotten value for money and Hall 7 real estate is constantly working to make sure they deliver that value to their customers.

…Olunloyo, a tech and real estate enthusiast wrote from the FCT, Abuja