HP, AMD Launch New Processor into Nigerian Tech Market


By Rebecca Ejifoma

AMD, in partnership with HP, has officially launched its new processor device, Ryzen Pro, into the technology market in Nigeria to satisfy high-value-seeking users with high performance quality delivery.

The AMD Ryzen, which was unveiled in Lagos at the weekend, is an improved processor that enables faster results and the right level of productivity among other features.
The Managing Director for Nigeria and Central Africa for HP, Mrs. Ify Afe, expressed satisfaction. “AMD and HP have partnered over the years in delivering the best-in-class devices. This is just one of many”.

She, however, noted that Ryzen was recently launched across the world about a year ago. “The fact that we are launching it today doesn’t mean that we are just adopting the technology a year later or whatever the case is”.

Afe continued that their aim was to ensure they have these devices into the space of their customers and partners.

“This is really a technology in making and we are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish with the AMD”, the MD said.

Rating the processor device as very powerful, Afe said its speed is remarkable owing to the fact that it goes into specific spaces or course in terms of graphics design.

She added: “This is really a product that cuts across a wide variety of users. It is also budget-friendly. You get the right level of productivity, which is good at Ryzen.”

Reacting to some misconceptions that HP is for the elite, Afe explained the reasons HP products are for all. “It will be foolhardy for us to focus on a specific group of users. Then what is the point if we are saying ‘Changing the World’. I don’t think the tagline is changing the world for a few. We have devices for all”.

She further beckoned on HP users and Nigerians as a whole to help them grow. “Let us grow together. We are here for the people who use us and the people who don’t use us. We are here for everybody”.

Meanwhile, one of the panelists, IT Head, Shoreline Group, Mr. Oluseyi Ogunrinde, commended the device for its high performance quality with a reasonable price, reliability and security.