Association of Interior Designers to Elevate Nigeria’s Economy


The Interior Designers Association of Nigeria (IDAN) is bent on elevating Nigeria’s economy as well as Africa through its bespoke and excellent interior ideas set for this year, while nurturing young ones into the system.

The association made this known at its handover ceremony to a new National Executive Council in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The founder and outgoing president of IDAN, Ms. Titi Ogufere, while expressing great confidence and trust in the new executives, reinforced her vision by stating that the organisation was ready to fly under the new administration of Mrs Omon Anenih-Mordi as president.

She added: “I have no doubt that she and her team of new executives will lead the association to achieve even greater things with the support of the members.”

Reacting to her new position, Anenih-Mordi told newsmen she felt elated. “I feel a huge responsibility and a huge amount of trust has been put on me by the members who nominated and voted for me. so, I don’t take that likely at all”.

She further expressed gratitude. “I’m extremely grateful with the newly elected executives. I know that with the new executives, we will be able to do more for IDAN”.

According to the president, part of their focus had been on education and promoting interior designing as a recognised and valued profession.

She added that they would carry on in that light by going back to what the objectives of the association are and trying to further that for the interest of the industry and the economy as a whole.

She said: “Education will first be for the general public to understand who an interior designer is, what we do and what we are about. We also need to inform our government and policy makers because in developing policy it’s important to understand the industry.”

For Anenih-Mordi, the third will be potential and aspiring practising designers and interior designers professionals, educating them to ensure that when they go out and take on jobs in the public, they actually know what they are doing and capacity.

“For the last 11 years, I’ve seen the association grow and evolved and even though I did serve as secretary-general years ago, what I will be bringing in is years of experience and perspective of the members.

“This will be in terms of the things that affect various business owners and interior designers as well as furniture manufacturers and being able to meet them and their issues at the point of needs.”

Founded in 2007, IDAN remains the highest authority and voice for the Interior Design profession in Nigeria, promoting, advancing, advocating, establishing superior levels of excellence and building a consensus and community for interior design in Nigeria