Orji, An Uncommon Warrior


Before the gubernatorial elections of March 9 were conducted in 29 states across the country, the opposition parties in Abia State and their henchmen clattered against the PDP, but Senator Theodore Orji remained quiet till PDP was declared the winner, writes Charles Ajunwa

Till the governorship election in Abia State was announced on March 10 by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Returning Officer in the state, Prof. Benjamin Ozurumba, declaring Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), winner of the election, the opposition political parties in Abia State heated up not only the state, but the entire country with their quest to hound Ikpeazu out of office.

Nigerians heard the voices of some supposed strong persons in the opposition political parties in Abia making jest of Ikpeazu and his supporters; especially a former governor of the state, Senator Theodore Ahamefule Orji, the senator representing Abia Central at the Red Chamber of the National Assembly, who was reelected as senator in the February 23 presidential and National Assembly elections.

These voices mouthed unprintable things against Orji before the elections, but he was not known for railings and did not join words with them because he’s a winner, a champion who has seen the big picture, as Americans would say.

Many cajoled him because they only wanted to hijack power and never subscribed to losing, but Orji is one man who aspires winning in every venture and does not fear to lose, hence, he uses his head to think and work harder to win instead of clattering.

Orji’s political struggles have developed his strength having gone through political hardship and refused to surrender. He believes that no man goes undefeated all the time, hence, he swallowed sadness of which his opponents that often sully his image cannot do.

He puts 100 per cent into whatever  he does whereas opposition to him divide their attention and talk of T.A. Orji from dusk to dawn. They do not have confidence in themselves. They think Orji is their problem, whereas the man has no problem and does not think ill of anyone or group. His motto is to show confidence and display good manner by displaying a winning attitude when the opposition was displaying setbacks.

A great mind, Orji is more than all the people teaming up against him and is always ready to compete in any humane contest without a show of acrimony. He is a winner who took many years to build his winning team and sees everybody’s contribution as important. He does not give up and espouses utilitarain philosophy of the best for the greater number as well as wants to do more good for humanity.

Senator Orji reminds us about the statement that it takes talent to win, character to sustain the winning. His mien suggests that winning is an endurance game because he has good character. The later is not something that you buy.

His honesty and compassion for others have earned him respect in the society. He has tolerance which is a trait not known of many in his class. He has patience and this has gone beyond every area of his endeavours . His actions have defined him before people who he is. Let’s continue to celebrate this rare gem and let the opposition to him imitate his qualities because some good characters are transferable or imitable.

Abia people have shown that they never valued the wrong people. They have refused to associate with money bags in the state over character; the latter being the bastion of Orji’s way of life. Abia people have shown that they prefer men of character in the persons of Ikpeazu and Orji and not men of means in the opposition.

The most important thing is that Abia people have accepted Orji for who he is not the things he has achieved. The important thing is who we become not what we have achieved. Senator T.A. Orji has for years kept his face to the sun and he does not see shadows because he is an optimist, who keeps moving forward.

Abia people knew that Orji had shot for the moon and landed among the stars. He refuses to accept it when people say that he cannot do anything positive. This is what warriors do not like to hear. Let all and sundry clap for this man who does not talk much but his positive actions speak for him. His party winning in the Abia guber race is a lesson that every man should think with his head like Orji does, not with his mouth, like the opposition in the state have done.

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