Iyke Olisa: What Inspired  My Snake Movies


Nollywood star, Prince Iyke Olisa is a man of many parts. He is multi-talented actor, script writer, film producer, director. He recently shot two scary snake movies; Snake Mother and Son of Python. 

On why he ventured into that kind of movie production, the award winning filmmaker maintained that over the years, he had identified his audience and what they liked. 

So, on that note, he feeds them with unique stories and outstanding productions. ‘’Well, someone brought the script to me. After I studied it, I liked it. Every movie has an inspiration. I was not really particular about the Snakes but the interesting story behind it. The script writer mentioned to me that he is very good in creating snake related stories, so after we did Son of Python, which we are still releasing its sequels, we just shot Snake Mother.” 

While emphasising on the messages the two movies pass to the audience, Olisa asserted that while Son of Python preaches against greed, Snake Mother tackles family and trust issues. 

“We all know most times, it takes a stronger devil to fight a weaker devil. Like when armed robbers are out to steal, it takes well-armed policemen to conquer and overpower them.  

“A tyrant terrorising a community with his greed was brought down by a mere man who sought for help from higher spiritual powers. He ended up liberating the community and brought peace and happiness back to his people, while the tyrant was punished. 

“For Snake Mother teaches that sometimes what is killing you, lives within you. A brother had to wipe off his older brother’s family to take over his throne. But unluckily for him, the son didn’t die, with the help of his mother who has transited to a Python. He was able to fight his wicked uncle and recovered the stolen throne. So, it’s all about thrilling your audience and passing a good message at the end,” he added.