Frudi Fruit Juice Introduces New Products


Competition in the Nigerian fruit juice market  is expected to get stiffer as a new player, Frudi Fruit Juice , battles for market leadership with its diverse variants.

Coming from the stable of GX  Foods, Frudi  is launching with four variants namely: Gingy Lemon, Zobo Blast, Guava and Exotic, all meant to cater for the nutritional and health needs of consumers.

At the launch of the products, which held in Lagos during the week, Head of Sales and Marketing, GX Foods, Theresa Arome- Sule,  stated that the latest has come to satisfy the yearnings of young adults who desire beyond ordinary  refreshments in fruit juice and mothers who decide the best for the family.

“We have come to realise that people are becoming more conscious of their health especially through what they consume, we are moving along with this trends in our new products consisting  of health friendly ingredients such as ginger, Zobo, guava and others.

“We want to imbibe  an indigenous culture in our customers, hence, the zobo blast, which is 95 per cent indigenous, moreso, to stimulate  the habit of drinking healthy. This is why we have taken a step beyond the single flavour juice, which we are all familiar with, to mixing flavours and blending  them in such a way that they will be nutritionally beneficial.” 

 She added: “The goal for Frudi is to take the consumers away from the norm to a place where they get to experience the extra taste in juices so they quickly forget the ordinary.” 

Managing Director of GX  Foods, Gbemi Adio Moses, reiterated the essence of the new products to enhance healthy living.

He said: “Now, we are moving from an era of refreshments and just drinking  juice, to an era  where health and nutrition are strictly considered in whatever that goes into our stomach. 

This is where the world is headed and we are on that train and direction.

“With our very vibrant and strong research development team, we are constantly trying to explore  new ways of replacing sugar with other natural sweetener. Frudi targets to be the market leader in the segment of functional and beneficial juice drink within a very short time” 

Sule stated further that the firm was committed to  promoting federal government backward integration programme that would drive SMEs’ growth in the country.

 “Nigeria, being one of the largest consumers of soft beverages globally and with high importation of fruit and vegetable juices is desperately in need of a local content intervention. GX Foods is playing a huge role in this regard through local sourcing of raw material, hence, empowering local farmers.

Frudi fruit juices are currently available and sold in major markets, retail and neighbourhood stores across the country. The colourful launch was graced by trade partners from different parts of the country.