Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again returns to Stage

A scene from the play, Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again

Ola Rotimi’s play, Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again returns to Terra Kulture, Victoria Island on March 10th and 17th. With two shows on each Sunday, the play is one of the theatre at Terra series that run throughout the year with support from the management of Terra Kulture.

Produced by Mosaic Theatre Production, the play is directed by Agozie Ugwu starring Patrick D iabuah, Rhoda Albert, Omololu Shodiya, Ada Erojikwe, Ife Owosuna.

Published in 1966, the play Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again is the story of a cocoa farmer, ex-military and businessman Lejoka-Brown who is portrayed as a self-centred, opportunistic leader who could make better contributions to his country outside of the political arena.

The play is a comic swipe at ideological misfits in contemporary Africa.

Lejoka-Brown’s motives are vain rather than patriotic. His predicament is complicated by the unexpected arrival of his American wife who finally discovers that her Nigerian husband already has two wives and a baggage of political woes.