Firms Partner to Boost Tech Innovation


By Nosa Alekhuogie and Hamid Ayodeji

Co-Creation Hub Nigeria (CC Hub), an innovation centre committed to boosting social capital and technology for economic development in Nigeria, in partnership with NG Hub Nigeria, has announced the opening of the Innovation Showcase Week (ISW) for technology-driven start-ups.

The two-day technology exhibition would give the start-ups the medium to introduce their innovation to organisations who are seeking technology innovation to support the development and existence of their businesses.

The Chief Executive Officer, Co-Creation Hub, Bosun Tijani, disclosed this during a media briefing in Lagos recently. 

Tijani said: “We recognise the urgent need to accelerate innovation support to medium and large tech companies who are positioned to secure significant gains for the economy through smart applications of technology.

“ISW will close the gap between corporate and start-ups by being an unprecedented platform where industry leaders can experience and adopt home-grown innovations and solutions first hand.”

He also assured Nigerians that the company would support the tech start-ups to build and develop the future of technology in Africa from Nigeria.

“As much as we want to help grow these start-ups, we also want to make sure the large corporates are able to innovate fast enough to catch up with globalisation,” Tijani added. 

On his part, the Director of Incubation, Co-Creation Hub, Damilola Teidi, said: “We believe that technology can solve a lot of problems in our communities, which motivated us to create this programme to support deep tech start-up entrepreneurs.

“We invest in entrepreneurs, provide human resources management support, financial management support and connect them to potential customers or partners.’’

Also speaking, the Product Lead, Upnepa, Salaudeen Taslim said: “Our device when installed in your home has the ability to allow you monitor and measure electric power supply. When you are not at home, it notifies you the moment you have been supplied power where ever you are through the application on your phone.

“In addition it helps you measure how low and high the current you are being supplied; also it tells you how much power any appliance connected to our device consumes.

“With the device we can monitor how much power is supplied to communities, and we can tell which informs us on which communities get power supply the most and less.”

The Chief Executive Officer, Gricd, Tega Iortim, added that “Gricd builds IoT-powered active cooling boxes for transportation and storage of temperature sensitive items such as vaccines and blood. It can also be used for perishable farm products.

“We went into building such a solution because the current method of transporting vaccines and blood to patients is not entirely effective so by the time it gets to them it has lost its potency. Vaccines and blood need to be stored in a particular temperature range.”

Iortim, explained that “the company’s solution has the ability to monitor the exact location of the sensitive items while they are being transported to their destination.

“The box also allows you set a temperature range that will preserve the sensitive items, which will help it retain its potency.”