The Violence Is Reprehensible!

Mohammed Adamu

The presidential and national assembly elections may have come and gone, the violence that trailed the exercise in many parts of the country is totally reprehensible. Not only were they going to mar the elections, they eventually tainted the outcome of the elections in crucial swing states.

From Lagos to Oyo, Borno, Kogi, Rivers and several other states, the violent turn of events was disturbing and exposed the nation’s primitive nature. The number of persons, who died in all of the attacks was unnecessary and remains a dark spot to the many shortfalls that have come to sculpt the elections.

It is though disappointing that President Muhammadu Buhari refused to sign the Electoral Act Amendment Bill the many times it was taken to him, citing redundant excuses, it is apparent now that a genuine, patriotic and strong electoral reform is required in collective interest otherwise it would seem that every election year would easily pass as the harvest of deaths.