Nehikhare’s lies cannot match a tenure of prosperity and progress  


By Crusoe Osagie

As Edo people tackle the vestiges of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s humongous corruption, bad governance and cluelessness in state craft, the party in its agitated mode has resorted to violence and blatant lies, which are trademarks of the Edo PDP.

The painstaking efforts of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to clear the mess left by the PDP in the state in the past ten years, cannot be reversed by the falsehood of Chris Nehikhare, Dan Orbih and their merchants of violence.

While decent Edo people came out on Saturday February 23, to cast their votes, Edo PDP’s thugs went on rampage, inflicting various degrees of injuries on voters.

Their men have since gone into hiding after they were alerted that security agents were on their trail. They have taken refuge in neighbouring states but whenever they come out, they will face the law. We hope that Chris is not directly linked as he exists and revels in his imagined world of violence, thuggery and lies.

Unknown to Nehikhare, Edo State parades some of the best administrators Nigeria has produced, and after the dark ages foisted on us by the PDP, our political fortunes as a people have soared again under the APC-led government.

From the regular payment of workers’ salaries and pension, to the unprecedent human and infrastructural development, Edo State is well on her way to sustainable growth and development.

No amount of lies, violence, or political thuggery can compete with the social sanity that the Obaseki-led government has engendered.

When good people boast about progress, evil people threaten the degree of evil they can orchestrate. But good will continue to triumph over evil as evident in our recent political history.

Edo people today are ready for a contest in which we will point to the quality of roads and other infrastructure under APC and PDP, the number and quality of jobs that have been created, the quality of public schools under both parties, the quality of academic instructions in our schools and the elevation of a culture of pedagogy, hard work and merit, against the PDP era in which thugs, barely literate and dysfunctional people were chairmen of boards and parastatals. Little wonder, they ran us aground when they held sway.

The APC has cleaned the Augean stables and a prosperous Edo State is assured.

Crusoe Osagie is the Special Adviser to Governor Godwin Obaseki on Media and Communication Strategy