Daniel Okodi: I  Want to Build the Best Music Digital Store


My Story

Daniel Friday Okodi, popularly known as Danzor, is an OAP, Online Music Publicist, and a social media influencer. His love for music and promoting acts that are new to the game has earned him a favourite playmaker in his craft. He tells Tosin Clegg about his music business 

When did you start the music business and what inspired you? 

I started four years ago, and the inspiration came when I went for an event and saw a few young artistes who couldn’t promote their works. They were struggling to get slots in shows and were bounced out of events. So, I decided to start promoting artistes and then connect them to a few shows and introduce them to an online platform where they can upload their songs and also grow their fan-base, since we are in the 21st century where smartphones rule. 

What’s been the challenge of being in the business? 

The challenge has always been unserious people who you go out of your comfort zone to help and at the end of the day they don’t appreciate it and, also, money. Most times because of my love for the business, I do things and end up running into debt just to please musicians. To the Glory of God, I have crafted a way of dealing with all of the above stated challenges. 

What do you think are the problems of the music industry in Nigeria and how can it be solved? 

The problem of the Nigerian music industry is that we have too many people who don’t know about music going into the business. At the end of the day, you find out that all they do is to send out wrong contents, bad music and bad promotion. We have greedy music artistes and self-centered record labels making artistes work like they don’t deserve a place in the industry. If we have people who understand the business it would make the work easier and better for others who would be coming into the business. 

Who are your mentors and role models? 

Don jazzy, Davido, Mr Eazi and more. These are the guys that inspire me into music business as they have taken their music digital by making their fans all over the world connect to them easily by streaming their contents, making music easy and cool to do. 

Where do you see yourself and brand in a few years? 

I want to be the best Music Distributor not only in Nigeria and I see my brand winning awards and getting recommendations. I want to build the best music Digital Store nationwide.