Diocese of Lagos Centenary Celebration Earmarked for Whole Year, Holds Rally


As part of the yearlong Centenary celebration of the Diocese of Lagos (Anglican Communion), a list of events has been earmarked for the whole of the year 2019.

The year started with a 14-days fasting and prayer program from January 2 to 15, held daily at the parishes and ended with a Mega Prayer convocation at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina Lagos on 15, with the church filled to overflowing. Right after that, the Centenary Logo unveiling dinner was held at the City hall, Catholic Mission street Lagos on January 26, 2019.

The next stop on the Centenary Celebration train is the Mega Rally, planned to bring together every member, both young and old from the length and breadth of the Diocese of Lagos.

The rally was earlier slatted for February 23, 2019 but the shift in the election dates has made it necessary for the rally to be shifted to March 2, 2019. The venue remains the Main Bowl of Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.

It is expected that every Archdeaconry within the Diocese will come in various floats, radiant dresses and decorations to make the event very colourful. Thousands of people are expected from across the diocese.