Security Experts Harp on Information Sharing


Aviation security officers at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, have said information sharing is key to preventing insider threat.

The Deputy General Manager, Aviation Security (AVSEC), headquarters, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, (FAAN), Mr. Nath Onoigboria, said officers must be willing to make the needed change and key in and to always update their knowledge as new security information come.

According to him, “The major challenge we have is complacency among senior officers, it is the biggest challenge, the attitude of ‘I know it all.’

“There is nothing as dangerous as that, because when you get to a certain level and you say I know it all, if you don’t say it with your mouth, you say it with your mind and the way you carry yourself, already you have a challenge and that is the biggest problem most of our senior officers have.”

Speaking on the theme of the seminar, “Aviation Security, MMA Perspective,” Onoigboria emphasised that the key to effective security was information sharing, adding that any agency that fails to share information was jeopardising the safety of passengers, airlines, ground personnel, crew members, the public and facilities.

He pointed out that this could pitch the security agencies against themselves thereby making the airport vulnerable to attacks or criminal activities.

“We don’t want to share knowledge, we don’t want to share information, we take decision arbitrarily without making necessary contact and at the end of the day you instigate issues against stakeholders and other agencies within the airport personal issues become institutionalised, that must be dealt with,” he added.

On Insider threat abuse, the DGM security said, “the issue of insider threat abuse cuts across all the agencies and stakeholders, that’s one of the biggest issues we have as regards to abuse of access control measures, regulations with regards to passenger movement, staff access to restricted areas and enforcement of rules with regards to permit.”