Life Lager, Lagos Traders Collaborate


Life Continental Lager recently organised two parties to commemorate the anniversary of Alaba Market in Lagos.

The beer brand has been on an exciting spree in the last few weeks, starting off in December 2018, when Life beer hosted three year-end parties in the space of six days.

A few weeks later, Life beer took the parties to Asaba, where Phyno returned to thrill all in attendance. These parties which are themed the “Bridge of progress” parties are aimed at celebrating the beautiful tradition and the remarkable progress of the Igbo people.

The last edition in Lagos was particularly unique, as it marks the first “Bridge of Progress” party being hosted outside the south-east. Life Beer has been firmly rooted in culture and a vast majority of its distribution zones, and by extension, its consumer engagement activities have typically been in eastern Nigeria.

However, the decision to bring this party to Lagos shows some intent from the brand, to spread its reach beyond the shores of the southeast. The first of which saw Life beer celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alaba international market.

The market which is renowned for being the electronics hub of Lagos has often been regarded as a home for many Igbo merchants who make the journey from the southeast to become successful traders in Lagos.

Speaking on the two parties, Sales Director Nigerian Breweries Plc, Uche Unigwe said: “We had a really good 2018, and we have our loyal consumers to thank for that. We felt it was very important to celebrate our progress as well as the progress of our consumers, after all, progress is in our culture. We had some interesting parties in Awka and Asaba and we decided to bring it down to the West, so our people here in Lagos can also get a taste of the celebration.

“We also have the chance to celebrate the remarkable progress of some of our core demographic here in Lagos with the 40th year anniversary of the Alaba market. We are thrilled to share this day with our loyal consumers and we are excited for what the future holds for Life Lager as we continue to explore new territories.”