Monday letter2

We acknowledge the avowed commitment of this administration to curb corruption in our institutions. The Governing Council of the Polytechnic, Oko in the selection of candidates for the post of Rector of the institution has deliberately abused the guidelines established by the Federal Ministry of Education, its supervisory ministry, in the selection and appointments of officials into institutions of higher learning in our country.

 We recognise the fact that the guidelines which were established were made to be a compulsory templates that must be adhered to in making appointments into institutions to make sure those so appointed are in accordance with due process.

But the governing council of the Polytechnic, Oko in shortlisting three candidates for consideration as rector of the institution, abused the stipulated guidelines. For one, some of the candidates do not possess the requisite qualifications. The guidelines state that for a candidate to be considered for appointment as rector, he must have a masters or doctorate degree from a recognised institutions in any of the discipline offered in the polytechnic namely, science, technology, commerce, and management with 15 years teaching experience. Yet we have a situation where some of those being considered for the position do not meet this requirement. Even more, some of them do not have the managerial experience required for the attainment of such a tasking position. Besides, the guidelines provide that there must be evidence of scholarly publications in reputable journals as well as presentation of papers at educational conferences, seminars and workshops. In addition, some do not qualify by virtue of age. This is because the guidelines stipulate clearly that for one to be qualified he must not be more than 59 years of age. Yet some of the candidates being considered are more than 60 years and some have not published any material in local or international journals.

 We thought we have outlasted the period of business as usual, a  time where stipulated guidelines are flouted with impunity. The Federal Ministry of Education which is the supervisory ministry must act fast and challenge this impunity.

We call on the Minister of Education to see to it that the right candidates are shortlisted and considered for the post of the rector of the polytechnic to show the world that the business as usual dispensation is gone for good.

This we believe will make the anti-corruption posture and fight of this administration endearing to all.

Comrade Shehu Ibrahim, Oko, Anambra State