Lava, Indian Phone Manufacturer Enters Nigerian Market

By Ugo Aliogo

Lava International Limited, a multinational mobile phone manufacturer has entered into the Nigerian market through the launch of its champion series (C1, A1, N1) and smartphones Z series (Z81 2GB, Z81 3GB) and the Iris 51.

The company is targeting emerging markets. This, was the reason it launched in Africa two years and now is present in Egypt, Sudan, Ghana and Kenya.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos recently, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Bassem Megahed: “ Lava looks to the gaps in the market for the consumer needs and they start taking products available and descent quality, so I think it is the best match.

“Nigeria technology market is very much concentrated in computer villages. This small area is controlling 80 per cent of ICT market. I think we have a great potential, we have been in Nigeria for 10 years now, but we used to service and this is our first time to try distribution.

“Our strategy is to employ locals, five percent is non-Nigerian, 95 per cent of company staffs are Nigerians. We have five per cent Egyptians and 95 per cent Nigerians. We are dedicated to the community and ready to invest. Nigerians have been a good contributor to the economy and make money for us as well.”

In his remarks, the Country Manager, Lava International, Mr. Rohit Singh, noted that there are different consumers for different mobile, stating that there are various mobile such as picture phone, a less price feature or picture phone or LCD. He also said the company has phones for every consumer that is available in the market.

According to Singh, “Nigeria is a booming economy with population and demand and we are the people who have supplies, this is the right country for us, yes we are late but not too late, we are at the right time. The partnership between Lava and Raya is very important, don’t forget Raya is the master of distribution and this country has vast geographies, and it needs distribution.

“Currently, the mobile phone companies that are operating in the market are mainly concentrated in the hub hearts of Lagos, mainly computer village and other area. We have a target to reach the smallest partners or customer in Nigeria.”

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