Ambode Impeachment – I Dare You

Akinwunmi Ambode

Yes I really dare you, the Lagos State House of Assembly to carry out this threat and Impeach Akinwunmi Ambode. You see, there is nothing worse than fear in this world. If you keep brandishing this sword every time, then it will come to a point when a man would have to walk with all the boldness to the guillotine and put his head so that he can die with dignity. I really have no respect for all these gargoyles who parade themselves as people who fight for our interest and yes I respect AKINWUNMI AMBODE much more than I do all the members of that place. Mbok, impeach him and let us rest.

I don’t even know what you are waiting for. All the debates and speeches delivered in poor English are really irritating and time consuming. Do what you have to do and let us all wait and see how history will treat all of us. Today, I am all about history and posterity. Not for me and millions of Nigerians is the short termism that is driving those that ‘own’ us in Lagos. The issues surrounding this so-called impeachment move are so glaring. They are there for all to see if we can only just scratch the surface a little bit and as such, we will all be confronted with the real issues.

You have humiliated the man enough, denied him and by extension Lagosians true governance via is second term, you have hobbled the man thereby creating a place for him in history as a man who tried to swim against the tide and who will surely be vindicated. Like I say, a man cannot be dying daily, kill him once. Impeach him if you can. I dare you. I just tire.