DJ YB Spreading the Vibes and Empowering the Streets Through music


DJ YB recently returned to Nigeria in order to regain the essence of the music we love so much. He’s been the person behind runtown’s concert sound for the last year, playing in Haiti, Canada, Rwanda, and different cities in the States. He Also played at Club 57 in Lagos, Escape, and Imperial Lounge in Abuja amongst others. it’s easy to lose track of the people the music is meant to empower when the audience is so large. 

YB returned to Africa twice this year; The first time, he experienced the liveliness and excitement of east Africa, and lately he visited Nigeria, but most importantly the streets where he was raised that started his love for the genre. 

Staying true to the principle of Fela Kuti he uses Afrobeats music to relay positivity and joy. Suffering seemed to disappear as people sang laughed and danced the hours away. 

Spreading joy and love worldwide through the sounds and message of Afrobeats is a goal he will continue to pursue by making music, supporting artists, curating playlists, Charity, mixtapes, events, and travelling as often as possible. 

He has multiple trips planned for 2019, including a trip back to east Africa this summer.