Burna Boy Starts the Year on a Brighter Note

Burna Boy is the first ever Star Lager Ambassador

By Iyke Bede

Nigerian Breweries Plc recently unveiled afro-pop singer Damini Ogulo popularly known as Burna Boy as its first-ever ambassador for its Star Lager brand. With an almost 70-year presence in the Nigerian market as an indigenous brew that has maintained a prominent status among lager beer lover, the ambassadorial endorsement is aimed at bringing the brand closer to the consumers.

The brand, out of interest to support the local entertainment industry, handpicked Burna Boy to help properly project their values through connecting with the average consumer who identifies with his artistry.
“Burna Boy exemplifies a lot of our values,” Corporate Affairs Director Sade Morgan said. She continues. “He has continued to be constant with his music, he gets bigger and bigger, but at the same time he has remained authentic. He is very much in touch with the common man; and for us, we aim to cut across all the strata of society and ensure that we are reaching every single consumer. Every single consumer is so important to Nigeria Breweries. For us, Burna Boy exemplifies that passion for the consumer – that authentic support for the consumer.”

To mark the momentous occasion, a select number of guests and members of the press witnessed the signing of the contract at the Circa Restaurant in Lekki, Lagos. Hosted by soul singer Dare Art Alade, Burna Boy took to the blue carpet to enthral the crowd to his Fela-esque dance moves dancing to his song ‘Gbona’. He addressed the crowd on his close ties with the brand as a touring act for Star Trek during his greenhorn days in the music industry. He further highlighted on the importance of the deal to his career and how it places him on the world’s music map.

“Star is one of the most reputable brands in the country, and I am thrilled to be able to join the Star family. I often try to entertain and inspire with my music and this is a brand value I feel I can communicate with this new association with Star. I have always been a huge fan of the brand and I believe together we can inspire Nigerians to shine on to the brighter side of life,” he said.

At an earlier stage of the event, five persons were selected from the crowd. These five people were personally served a glass of Star or any of its sub-brands (Star Radler or Star Lite) by Burna Boy, thus bringing consumers of the brands and its brand ambassadors closer to create a picture that mirrors the essence of the union between Nigeria Breweries, its consumers and brand ambassador.

The Star Lager brand has supported local talents in the past through its music platforms like Star Trek, Star Quest and Star Mega Jam. The ambassadorial endorsement is another initiative from the brand to project confidence within the creative industry by promoting local artistry, and by extension, strengthening bonds with its consumers through the brand ambassador.