Secondus: A Vote for Buhari is a Vote for Cabal


By John Shiklam in Kaduna

The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari and
his ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) failed Nigerians because they have been sleeping on duty.

He also said a vote for Buhari waa a vote for a “cabal”, allegedly in control of the administration.

Addressing thousands of supporters at the PDP Presidential rally on Thursday at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna, Secondus also warned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), against rigging the elections in favour of the APC.

“Never again will anybody rig elections in Nigeria. INEC, be warned, you cannot rig this election, especially in IDP (camps)…“ he said.

According to him, “Buhari and the APC have been sleeping on duty , “that is why there is insecurity and hunger in the land.”

He said now is the time for Nigerians to take a firm stand, by voting out the APC in the forthcoming general elections.
“It is time for us to ask President Buhari to go home. Let him go home, Baba is tried, let him now go home…we need somebody with a lot of energy, somebody who will work for 24 hours.
“We don’t want Buhari to handover government to the cabal. If you vote for APC, the cabal will still be in control and there will be hunger in the land.

“President Buhari is weak and we advise him to go home, we don’t want the cabal again. He handed over the government to a cabal. That is why there is confusion and that’s why there is hunger in the land.

“We need somebody who has experience in the private and public sectors, with a lot of capacity and competence” he said.
Speaking further,Secondus said “we cannot celebrate incompetence. When Atiku Abubakar comes on board, he will provide jobs and food on your table. You need a lot of energy to rule Nigeria, a country of 200 million people…
“Did you watch that interview with NTA? You know, the image of Nigeria is down, we need somebody who will speak the grammar.

“We need somebody who can face (Donald)Trump, we need somebody who can face Theresa May and speak and they will understand…”

He urged the people to vote and defend their votes, adding that by May 29, Isa Ashiru would be the governor of Kaduna state “a governor that will provide food on your table, not a wicked governor.”

Also addressing the rally, the Director General of the PDP Presidential Campaign and President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki, said Nigerians have come to realise the lies being told the APC government.

Saraki who spoke in Hausa language said: “The truth about the present government will finally come out. No matter how many years of lies, the truth will come out. Nigerians are seeing the truth now.
“APC promised us security, but today there is no security in the northeast, northwest and north central. They promised us jobs, today we have lost 10 million jobs.

“They promised good economy but today Nigeria is the capital of poverty. It is time for the APC to go, we want a better Nigeria, a country that will provide security and jobs for the youths”.

He said the PDP Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar will tackle the challenges facing the country and return the country to the path of peace and progress.

Also in his brief remarks in Hausa language, he lamented the increasing rate of hunger, poverty and insecurity in the country, promising that if elected in the February 16, elections “we will address the security problems, revive the economy and create jobs. This is a promised.”

Other dignitaries who addressed the rally include former Vice President Namadi Sambo, former National Caretaker Chairman of the PDP, Senator Ahmed Makarfi, and the immediate past governor of Kaduna state, Alhaji Mukhtar Yero.