Harnessing the Exploit of Nonye’s ‘Style Block’

As the world battles to comprehend the explicit fashion trends in this 21st century, Sunday Ehigiator showcases some aspect of the craft through the lens of a fashion enthusiast and C.E.O Style Block, Nonye Onuoha.

Fashion styling has become a major part of fashion trend globally. More so, in Nigeria, the craft has become so lucrative that it has become a career path to several young entrepreneurs, considering many big names; like Nonye, who has become a household stylist in Nigeria.

From working with celebrity clients to styling models for photo shoots, a fashion stylist career provides exciting opportunities to share your passion for style with a variety of interesting people.

There are many different arenas in which fashion stylists use their talents; from music videos to advertisements, to TV shows and movies. They likewise work with designers or public relations experts.

Prominent fashion stylists like Nonye, know how to accentuate the positive attributes of the people they dress in their style, i.e. choosing the right outfit to flatter someone in a way that is appropriate for each event.

Fashion styling requires extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and a knack for matching your clients with the clothing that will support the image they want to project.

Nonye Ndukwe-Onuoha is the fashion stylist and designer behind the high-street label Style Block. She is an alumna of London College of Fashion; who began her fashion career working as client service executive/in-house stylist with one of Nigeria’s top branding/advertising agency.

She has worked on major corporate brands including Uber Nigeria, as wardrobe stylist for Uber’s current TV commercial.

Style Block known mainly as a fashion styling outfit which provides personal styling services and wardrobe/styling services for advertising campaigns started its retail line in 2017 in a bid to diversify from just styling and provide affordable and stylish women wears.

Style Block label which has been around for several years became formally registered in 2015 when Nonye decided it was time to face the fashion business fully. Speaking about some of the challenges the label has faced, in an interview with THISDAY, Nonye said “I launched my label in the heat of recession which slowed me down for a bit and I had to find other means to cushion the effect which included starting the retail line, but in spite of the pitfalls, the brand has surpassed my expectations. In fact, I say to myself that if I survived 2016 in Nigeria, I can run this business anywhere in the world successfully regardless of the hurdles”

Speaking about her educational background in fashion Nonye revealed that she did not train to learn how to style herself, but understood that for her to go far in this line of business; she definitely needed formal training which is why she went to London College of Fashion.

Speaking about Style Block’s work as fashion stylist on some of Nigeria’s biggest brands; Nonye noted the critical role a good fashion stylist plays in bringing brand stories and identities to life.

According to Nonye, “For me the most important conversation I have with my clients is to understand the brand personality and character. Once I’m clear on that I carefully build wardrobe options that seamlessly resonate. It is never just about pretty clothes; the wardrobe is part of the big idea. As a fashion stylist branching out into fashion designing was always going to be part of the mix somehow”.

Speaking on her brand, she said, “Style Block label prides itself as a brand for the young Nigerian woman who wants to look stylish without breaking the bank. The pieces are easy, non-complicated and versatile. Speaking on the label’s recently launched line. They are fresh on-the-go pieces that cut across wide age brackets”.

On the future of the fashion brand, Nonye projected that she “want to take Style Block beyond the shores of Nigeria; I believe the brand has everything it takes to play in bigger fashion spaces”. She concluded.

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