Aliyu Wamakko

The politics of Sokoto State cannot be completed without the name of Senator Aliyu Magatagarda Wamakko. Senator Wamakko who rose from being a teacher, deputy governor, to governor and now a senator, has become a household name in Sokoto’s politics. The Aliyu’s politics of development has since become a moving train transiting the length and breadth of the state. With Senator Aliyu Wamakko in charge of Sokoto politics, the ordinary man has been better off in the state. The Sokoto educational and health revolution can be attributed to Wamakko’s commitment and foresight to transform the lives of people in the state. The eight years of Wamakko as governor has brought enviable record of services delivery. Wamakko’s passion for sound and qualitative education led to the establishment of Sokoto State University. Besides, the huge investment in primary and secondary education had increased pupils/student enrolment. Courtesy of Wamakko’s selfless leadership, Sokoto State has become a reference in development of education not only within the Northern region but also the country at large.

It is on record that Senator Aliyu Wamakko had attracted investments in all aspects of human development. This was achieved through the formulation of good and sound policies. Within those eight years in power, Wamakko had succeeded in lifting thousands of people from abject poverty. The success story in agriculture sector, which empowers thousands of farmers in the state, is to his credit. No wonder, the “Alu slogan” has become the household song in Sokoto. Senator Wamakko is a grassroots politician and down-to-earth philanthropist. His house is a mecca of sorts. As a listening leader, he is accessible and ready to assist his people anytime.

Idris Musa Pambegua, Kaduna State